Fiona The Hippo Gets Her Own Show: Fans To Enjoy Live Feeds Of The Adorable Zoo Animal On Facebook

Fiona The Hippo is getting her own show and fans are thrilled to see the majestic animal eat, sleep, grow, and basically be as adorable as she can be.

There was no doubt that Fiona was a star, a feat she has maintained ever since she was born. And now, she has her how Facebook series to show for it.

According to WCPO, the series, which will be dubbed as The Fiona Show, is set to premiere on the social media platform on Tuesday, August 29, and will include the never-before-seen footage of the birth of the celebrity animal.

To bring those who have just tuned in up to speed, Fiona The Hippo became a massive star after she was born prematurely on January 24, 2017 at the Cincinnati Zoo. Based on an article from Zoo Borns, hippopotamuses usually carry their babies for about 243 days before giving birth.

According to the outlet, the herbivorous mammal came to the world six weeks early from her mom, Bibi, and was 25 pounds lighter than the lightest hippo baby ever born. As a preemie, Fiona was also incapable of nursing from her mother so she received utmost care that normal born hippos don't usually get from zoo keepers.

Some may think that Fiona The Hippo was just a cure for the April The Giraffe hangover that gripped the worldwide web, per a report from the Inquisitr, but there is no doubt that the popular mammal is a star in her own right.

After her birth, caretakers of the Cincinnati Zoo have shared Fiona's journey through photos on their social media pages.
A recent update from the zoo revealed how she "tipped the scales" with 451 pounds, a stark contrast when she was born.Now, she gets her own Facebook page where The Fiona Show is set to be live streamed and an adorable profile picture to match.

Her birth also launched a worldwide social media phenomenon with the hashtag #TeamFiona, giving her adoring fans a means to reach out to her via the internet.

Some even came to her defense after she was compared to the least popular American president in the history of Twitter: Donald Trump.
Fiona The Hippo also made the headlines when she inadvertently photobombed her own family reunion in July, an event deemed by E! News enough to "give you all the feels."According to the post, the baby hippo was introduced to her family in Hippo Cove's outdoor pool for the first time since her birth. After meeting her parents, Fiona even became protective of her mother when Henry, her father, got too close for comfort to Bibi.

Fiona's growing number of fans continue to expand. She is expected to amass more followers by the time The Fiona Show premieres next week.

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[Featured Image by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images]