June 16, 2013
Disney Offers Refunds For Baby Einstein Product Over Concerns Of Efficacy

If you bought a Baby Einstein DVD between June 5th 2004 and Sept. 4th 2009 you can not receive a full $15.99 refund from Disney for your purchase. The Einstein DVD's claimed they could make your 3 month to 3 year old children "Geniuses" by watching their videos, claims that research now refutes.

If consumers prefer they can also exchange their DVDs for Baby Einstein books, music or even 25 percent off coupons.

Disney decided to offer the refund now that research has come to light that shows the DVD's may even be detrimental to developing good learning habits at an early age.

According to TheNewsPK:

An August 2007 the Journal of Pediatrics released a study by researchers at the University of Washington on the effects of television and DVD/video viewing on language development in children under two years of age.

The study’s authors, Drs. Frederick Zimmerman, Dimitri Christakis, and Andrew Meltzoff, concluded that exposure to “baby DVDs/videos” — such as Baby Einstein and Brainy Baby is strongly associated with lower scores on a standard language development test.

The big winner in this recall? The Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood, an organization that focuses on parental run and real education over electronic media.