Jovan Belcher Told Secret Girlfriend He Planned To Shoot Kasandra Perkins

Jovan Belcher sent a text message to a secret girlfriend warning that he would shoot Kasandra Perkins if the mother of his child “didn’t leave him alone,” a threat that the woman did not take seriously at the time.

A police report obtained by the Kansas City Star noted that the Chiefs linebacker made the threat months ago, saying he would shoot the 22-year-old Perkins. The girlfriend he sent the text message to said she thought he was only joking.

Jovan Belcher murdered Kasandra Perkins on December 1 after an argument. He then drove to the Chiefs practice facility and thanked his coach Romeo Crennel and general manager Scott Pioli.

When Belcher saw police coming, he ducked behind a car and put a gun to his head.

“You’re taking the easy way out!” Crennel yelled in an attempt to get Belcher to put the gun down, but he pulled the trigger instead.

The police report noted that Belcher used different a different gun to shoot himself than he used on Perkins, ESPN reported.

The report also shed more details on what went on in the hours before the murder took place. Cheryl Shepherd, Belcher’s mother, had moved in with the couple and was present when the murder took place. She said the couple had been arguing over financial difficulties and, on the night before the murder, had another fight about one or both of them going out to a club partying.

Police noted that they found a bullet hole in the floor under Perkins’ body, suggesting that she was lying on the ground when Jovan Belcher shot her.