Chris Cantwell: Neo-Nazi Denies Being A Coward After Crying Video, Calls For Polygamy For More White Babies

Christopher Cantwell, the Neo-Nazi whose crying video went viral after an arrest warrant was issued for his participation in the recent Virginia rally, has now taken to his personal website to protest against cries of cowardice. Cantwell's words appear to separate white Americans from those who are Jewish, and he pins his recent troubles squarely on what he perceives as the domination of the Jewish media in the lives of Americans, according to RawStory.

"I have had no trial, no process of any kind, I have only been crucified by Jewish media and financial outlets for daring to suggest white people have a right to exist, to have a history, to have a culture, and to have a nation. Please be careful. I'm willing to fight and die with you. I'm not a coward."
Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell, from New Hampshire, has spent many years trying to make racism appear more normal, according to the SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center, although the many libertarian organizations he has joined have disagreed with his extremist viewpoints and have booted him swiftly out of their doors.

Some of his beliefs include taking Communists and Democrats and having them "physically removed" from the United States. He advocates the radical overthrow of the American government and has even called for the assassination of law enforcement officers. Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell has also suggested that white males should practice polygamy so that there would be more Caucasian children born in the United States.

Christopher Cantwell has denied being a coward when his crying video went viral after his arrest warrant was issued.
Neo-Nazis and the 'alt right' march in Charlottesville. [Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

After being rejected by so many different political organizations, Christopher Cantwell turned his attention to the Neo-Nazi and white supremacist movement and insisted that he was going to amass wealth out of the hate movement.

"I'm going to make a commercial enterprise out of saying things that people want to make illegal. I'm going to make a whole bunch of money doing it. Anybody who gets in my way is going to find themselves in a very long list of people who regretted underestimating me."
However, Christopher Cantwell hasn't had much luck with money lately. He has voiced loud complaints that all of his online social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter have now been deactivated, but is especially upset because he can no longer use his PayPal account.

"Money is not easy either. PayPal was the most important part of my financial life, and it has now shut me out."

Cantwell has lately been directing his ire at those who are black or Jewish, although on his website, he claims his biggest issue is with those who are Jews, mainly because they look so similar to other Americans.

"Well, everybody knows the f*cking n*ggers steal and kill each other, but the f*cking Jew thing, I have a little bit of trouble adjusting to, because they look like you. They look like us. They resemble us."
Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell has said that he is now just outside of Virginia and is getting ready to turn himself in to the police.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]