‘Hot Water Challenge’ Has More Than 700 Instagram Posts: Warnings Against Dangerous And Deadly Challenge

A dangerous challenge called the “Hot Water Challenge” has come to light in the wake of a couple of high-profile and tragic cases of a child being burned, and one losing her life from the challenge that involves scalding hot water. Jamoneisha Merritt is an 11-year-old Bronx girl who suffered second-degree burns from the “Hot Water Challenge,” according to Desire Feed, after she spent the night at a friend’s apartment. The child’s mother, Ebony Merritt, screamed at Shernett Panton and her 12-year-old daughter in the wake of the incident. According to Panton, the burns from the hot water resulted from the girls pranking one another. One allegedly poured cold water on the other, then Jamoneisha had boiling hot water poured on her face and shoulders.

Warnings against the “Hot Water Challenge” are ramping up in the wake of Merritt’s case going viral. As reported by People, an eight-year-old girl name Ki’ari Pope lost her life a few months after she was dared to drink boiling water via a straw by her cousin. As a result, the young girl from Florida suffered burns to her throat and mouth, which necessitated a tracheotomy. However, Pope still suffered long lasting respiratory problems, and could not breathe one evening. Pope became unconscious shortly thereafter and eventually died.

It’s not exactly clear when the “Hot Water Challenge” began, but on Instagram, the hashtag #hotwaterchallenge currently has 703 posts, with many of those posts now warning others about the serious, life-threatening burns that could result from having boiling hot water come into contact with the skin or internal organs.

Similar to the cinnamon challenge that found folks ingesting dangerous amounts of cinnamon that could cause choking deaths, the “Hot Water Challenge” might sound like a harmless prank to some people, but is anything but harmless. Now folks are being asked to realize just how hot water becomes when boiled, and how much the “Hot Water Challenge” could burn or kill a person.

With the above cases of the “Hot Water Challenge” making the news in a major way, the hope is that the word is spread that the “Hot Water Challenge” is a dangerous challenge to indulge in, and people are being warned to stay far away from the “Hot Water Challenge.”

[Featured Image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]