Baby Found Alive In Bushes Covered In Bugs With Umbilical Cord Still Attached In Houston

A baby girl with her umbilical cord still attached was found covered in bugs in the bushes at the Cypress Creek apartment complex in Houston. A resident at the Texas apartment complex found the crying baby around 5 a.m. in a flower bed behind some bushes.

The Cypress Creek apartment complex resident heard the sound of a baby crying as he walked by a building. When the man went to investigate the sound early this morning, he made a shocking discovery.

According to the statement the Houston man made to police investigators, the newborn baby girl’s body was covered in both ants and other debris. The unidentified hero lifted the baby from the flower bed, cleaned her off as best he could, and held her until Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies could arrive.

Houston police officers were able to follow a trail of blood from where the baby girl was found covered in bugs to a nearby apartment. Initially, the occupants of the apartment at the end of the blood trail reportedly refused to answer the knocks at the door by the deputies.

Once the Texas county sheriff’s deputies were finally allowed inside, they spoke with a 21-year-old woman who appeared to live in the Cypress Creek apartment complex unit. The unidentified woman claimed she didn’t know anything about a baby girl being placed behind the bushes.

Eventually, the woman confessed that she had given birth to a baby about an hour earlier, Click2Houston reports. The Houston law enforcement officers told local reporters they were very thankful the baby girl had been found alive.

Harris County Deputy Thomas Gilliland deemed is a “miracle” the baby was found alive. The officers involved with the investigation also felt that if the neighbor had not happened by and heard the baby crying, they would be looking at a homicide instead of a case with a happy ending for the infant.

The Cypress Creek apartment complex is reportedly only one block away from a hospital. The unidentified woman was arrested and taken into custody. The local prosecuting attorney is now considering charging the baby’s mother on possibly multiple charges.

The baby girl was transported to the hospital for evaluation and is in good health, the Daily Mail reports. The newborn is now in the custody of Texas Child Protective Services.

[Featured Image by jakkapan/Shutterstock]