Five People Injured As SUV Runs Red Light And Slams Into Walt Disney World Bus Carrying Guests

Early on Sunday evening, a Walt Disney World bus was involved in an accident that left a handful of people injured and the windshield of the bus completely shattered.

According to My News 13, the crash happened around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday evening near Disney's All-Star Resorts and Blizzard Beach water park. It took place along Osceola Parkway and Buena Vista Drive which is quite a busy area on Walt Disney World property.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers state that the Disney bus, which was carrying guests at the time, was traveling westbound on the off ramp from the Osceola Parkway. As it was moving along, a black SUV ran through a red light without stopping and slammed into the front left side of the bus.

Ritesh Bhagani, 34, has been identified as the driver of the SUV and as of this time, charges are still pending. The police are conducting an investigation into the accident and are looking at all possible sides of it before issuing charges or citations.

WESH reports that at the time of the accident, there were 19 passengers on the Walt Disney World bus, which was transporting guests between the parks and resort hotels.

As of Monday morning, only two passengers on the bus had been taken to the hospital to treat their injuries. Their status or the exact severity of their injuries was not known, but police did say they were minor.

Collins Yakep, 47, was the Walt Disney World cast member who was driving the bus and he did not fare as well in the accident. Yakep suffered serious injuries in the collision and was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment.

TheOrlando Sentinel is reporting that Bhagani and a female passenger in his vehicle were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

While there were multiple injuries in this accident, the pictures show that it could have been much worse.

A few years ago, a Florida woman ran a red light on property, and also crashed into a Walt Disney World bus. That accident was so severe that it cost the 29-year-old woman her life, but there were no injuries to the 20 passengers or bus driver on the bus.

In the case Sunday's accident between a Walt Disney World bus and an SUV, it isn't exactly the ideal situation, but it could have been much worse. The minor injuries to the SUV driver, his passenger, and the two guests on the bus are things that will end up going away, but the hope is that the driver of the Disney bus can fully recover, as well.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]