Blac Chyna Shares Baby Bump Pic, Wants Million Dollar Deal For Wedding Amid Rumors Rob Is Going Broke [Video]

Blac Chyna's recent baby bump photo is adorable—and it only seems natural that a Kardashian kid would be a social media darling before it's even born! Showing off her new raspberry locks at the same time, Chyna revealed her ever-growing belly in a tight Army-green dress.

Although Blac Chyna and fiancee Rob Kardashian reportedly know the gender and due date of their baby, the couple is staying mum. They might have let a possible due date slip, however, when Chyna shared an ultrasound photo.

According to pregnancy experts, the photo put the baby's due date at around Thanksgiving, although it's impossible to tell if the ultrasound was actually of Blac Chyna and Rob's baby.

At the time, Blac Chyna shared with fans that she was excited to be pregnant again, and thought for the longest time that her son "King was going to be an only child," adding that the 3-year-old "was my greatest blessing." Confessing she "was no longer looking for love because I thought I had all that I needed," Blac Chyna revealed that she's excited to be "[e]ngaged to be married to one of the greatest men I know who loves King & I unconditionally AND having another bundle of joy!"

Because she's now in her second trimester, Chyna has stopped travelling and booking hosting gigs. But that doesn't mean the money has stopped rolling in.

According to TMZ, Chyna and Rob are trying to strike an additional seven-figure deal for their wedding. While the couple has scored their own reality show called Rob & Chyna, that will air on the E! network, the million dollar contract reportedly doesn't cover their wedding—just the pregnancy and birth.

Which leaves a reality show about their wedding still on the table, and insiders reveal that Blac and her fiancée are looking to score some major money for the privilege of covering it.

Insiders believe that Blac Chyna and Rob have commissioned Kris Jenner to handle the deal as well as the wedding plans themselves. Although they know they won't make as much as Kim Kardashian did during her televised wedding to Kris Humphries, they're still looking to cash in, and know that Jenner can seal the deal.

And they're going to need the cash, since according to insiders, Blac Chyna is bleeding Rob Kardashian dry financially. Speaking to Page Six, the source confessed that Rob has bought his fiancée a luxury gift for every week that she's been pregnant—and the dollars are starting to add up.

In addition, the couple has been seen shopping for luxury cars and spending over $275,000 on Rolex timepieces. Blac Chyna scored two watches, one encrusted with diamonds, and the other without, for everyday occasions.

The reckless spending has caused Rob's family to point out that eventually, the gravy train will end, and Kardashian might be left with nothing. The source revealed that in addition to the millions spent on jewelry and other gifts, "Rob wants to buy her a new car," and Blac Chyna "wants a brand-new house before their baby is born."

It's possible the couple might have already scored a new mansion, although the Kardashian sisters definitely disapproved. In a clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim, and Khloe in particular, went ballistic when Kris Jenner inexplicably helped her son buy a new $2.1 million mansion near her Calabasas home.

"His family wants him to slow down" and stop buying Blac Chyna so many gifts, according to the insider, who added that the Kardashian family is telling Rob "[i]s this really how you want to spend money when you're about to have a family?"

What do you think? Will Rob and Blac Chyna score another reality show about their wedding? Leave a comment below!

[Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]