Missouri Police Say Homeless Man Dropped TV Onto Woman’s Head Three Stories Below

Missouri police say a homeless woman suffered life threatening injuries after a male acquaintance purposely dropped a heavy TV set over a third-story balcony — and onto her head.

The unnamed woman is now in critical condition after Otishus Kirkwood, 36, threw the old television set out of a Kansas City apartment building, striking the woman and knocking her unconscious, according to the New York Daily News.

A witness who lives in the Kansas City building told police officers they personally witnessed Kirkwood throwing the TV set from the apartment on the third floor. Police officers were able to locate pieces of the broken television set not too far from the homeless woman’s unconscious body lying outside of the building.

“The witness allowed Kirkwood and the victim, both of whom are homeless, to sleep in his apartment from time to time,” the Daily News further explains of the incident.

The witness did not, however, say if Kirkwood and the homeless woman were more than just friends.

Court records related to Kirkwood’s arrest say Missouri police were called and dispatched to the building on Fifth and Benton on Thursday, July 27, and arrived on scene to discover the homeless woman, unconscious, with parts of the busted TV that Kirkwood threw off the balcony, strewn nearby and all around her.

man drop tv
Police in Missouri say a homeless man dropped a TV set from a third-story balcony -- and onto a woman's head. [Image by ChristopherIngram/iStock]

“A partially broken television set was [found] near [the woman],” FOX Kansas City reports of the scene.

“The victim was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. A witness told police that the defendant threw the large television from a third-floor balcony, striking the victim in the head.”

The witness from the building later claimed to reporters and police that the woman came by to “visit someone” other than the resident and Kirkwood, 41 Action News notes.


“After [she] arrived,” they continue, “Kirkwood came out onto the balcony of [the] apartment and began yelling at [the woman], saying [she] couldn’t come in [the apartment].”

“According to court documents, Kirkwood then threw a large TV off the balcony, which hit the victim and knocked her out.”

Kirkwood was soon apprehended by Missouri police after his assault, and ultimately charged with assault in the first degree and armed criminal action, both of which are felonies. The woman who the homeless man dropped the TV on, as of this post, remains hospitalized and in critical condition from her injuries. She did not seemingly offer any reasons for Kirkwood’s outburst.

[Featured Image by Jackson County Detention Center]