Ohio Shooting: One Dead And Two Wounded

Meigs County, OH – Two women were wounded and one man is dead in what appears to be a domestic violence motivated shooting in southern Ohio. Meigs County is a scenically beautiful but impoverished area known throughout the United States for its highly sought after marijuana crops commonly referred to as Meigs County Gold.

The shooting suspect allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend and her daughter when ongoing problems reached a head on Friday afternoon. Meigs County Sheriff Robert Beegle believes that the couple had been living together and having difficulties in recent months, according to WSAZ News.

Meigs County Sheriff Beegle had this to say about the altercation between the unnamed suspect and law enforcement officers before the suicide:

“When we arrived the subject was in the field with a shotgun. He didn’t put the gun down. We kept telling him to put it down. He suddenly kneeled, put the gun under his chin, and shot.”

The Ohio shooting suspect was reportedly ordered to leave his ex-girlfriend alone after a recent court hearing. The unnamed man supposedly went to the victim’s home on Taylor Road in the small town of Chester to gather his belongings before the shooting started.

Neighbor and long-time friend Terry Congo had this to say about man accused of shooting two people before turning the gun on himself:

“They had problems. He never stopped here and talked about it, but I knew stuff was going on.”

Once Meigs County deputies went inside the home, the ex-girlfriend and her daughter were found with gunshot wounds. The 68-year-old woman was taken flown via life flight to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Huntington, West Virginia with serious injuries. The daughter, reportedly in her late 40s, was taken to another area hospital for treatment to injuries which were not life-threatening, according to WOWK News.