Track Palin Divorce: He Keeps $1,000 Gun Collection, She Gets $4,000 In Jewelry

The Track Palin divorce proceedings appear to be moving smoothly, but Sarah Palin’s son is sticking to his guns.

Track and high school sweetheart Britta Hanson jointly decided to end their marriage, and as The Huffington Post reported, have now been working together to split their assets and make custody arrangements for their daughter.

The estranged couple has already made several decisions about their divorce settlement, despite having filed less than two weeks ago, TMZ reported. The Track Palin divorce proceedings will see him keeping his $1,000 gun collection and a $30,000 bank account, while the 22-year-old Hanson will get to keep a $2,500 bank account and her $4,000 jewelry collection.

Track Palin and Britta Hanson have decided to share legal custody of their 1-year-old daughter Kyla, while Hanson retains physical custody.

“I’m fine with it,” Hanson told Radar Online. “We just filed the papers so we aren’t divorced yet. I’m not sure how long it will take to get the divorce finalized.”

Track Palin has stayed away from the spotlight, unlike his mother Sarah and sister Bristol. He enlisted in the Army after the 9/11 attacks and serves as a reservist. He was deployed to Iraq for one year in 2008, with his mother leaving the presidential campaign trail to speak at his deployment ceremony in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Track now makes his living as a commercial fisherman, but said he has plans to return to school and get a degree.

The Track Palin divorce comes just 19 months after they were married in May 2011. In August of that year they welcomed their first child.