Chris Jericho's Hiatus Away From WWE Has Been Extended Even Longer

Will McCormick

Chris Jericho was written off SmackDown Live a few months ago, but the WWE Universe is still anxiously waiting for his return to WWE programming. There has been a lot of speculation about his return to WWE over the past few months, but the likelihood of Y2J returning to SmackDown Live soon are low. He made appearances during the recent WWE tour of Japan, but a return to WWE television isn't likely to happen soon.

Jericho's schedule is full of tour dates with Fozzy for the rest of the summer, but the fans have been hoping Y2J would return to WWE programming sooner rather than later to seek revenge against Kevin Owens for his actions. However, it's been announced that Fozzy's tour over the past couple of months has gone really well and they are extending their tour into Europe this November. That should keep Jericho out of the ring.

It's possible that Chris Jericho could wrestle during WWE house shows over the rest of the year. However, the WWE Universe shouldn't expect Jericho to return to Raw or SmackDown Live for the rest of 2017. The tour dates end on November 18, and WWE Survivor Series is the very next night in Houston. There is a possibility that Jericho could return during the PPV, but the WWE Royal Rumble event seems more likely.

The only person on Earth who knows when Chris Jericho will make his WWE return is Jericho himself, but there are millions of people who will be waiting for him to step back into the ring. There are more than a few rumors about a possible retirement for Jericho. He's expressed his appreciation for house shows and has stated that he could be happy never having to deal with the pressures of live WWE television again.

There is some unfinished business between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, but Y2J put over the former on his way out of WWE, which was the long term desired goal of their work together over the last year. Jericho will always be welcomed back by the WWE Universe, but he's left the fans wanting more. As a performer, it is the best compliment that he didn't overstay his welcome. Fans just need to remain patient for a while longer.

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