Wait A Minute -- A Former WWE World Champion Just Said He Had His 'Last Hurrah'

When Chris Jericho ended his latest WWE run, it was one of the longest he had experienced for quite a long time, but was it his last? In the middle of April, Jericho lost the United States Championship to Kevin Owens and he was written off of WWE television so he could go back on tour with his band Fozzy. Now, he has come back to go on the company's tour of Japan, but he may have just announced that he is officially done in the ring.

This weekend, WWE is touring Japan and the event in Tokyo actually opened up with Chris Jericho back in the ring and facing Finn Balor. As reported by Wrestling Inc., Balor defeated Jericho which led the former world champion adding Tokyo to "The List."

After the match was over, Jericho spoke backstage with WWE for their official account on YouTube, and he let it be known that this was his 50th trip to Japan. He looked back on many of his great times and matches in Japan which he calls his "second home."

Once he finished building up Japan and the fans, he dropped what sounded like a huge bombshell.

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Jericho is asked about taking a break from WWE to tour with his band Fozzy and the huge success with their song "Judas." The most recent tour with Fozzy is over, but then, he talked about this being his "last hurrah," but is it just for this time or for good?

Cageside Seats transcribed the video and Jericho did make it seem like his match against Balor would be his last ever in Japan.

"I took the whole year - 2016 - away from Fozzy to come to the WWE. Had a great time, one of the best runs of my career...and then it was time to go back to the band and focus on music for a while. So, this was kind of like the last hurrah for the WWE for this time, this run, but once again, I can't pass up a trip to Japan. Because...I love Japan so much. But it was a job well done and I feel like I can take off the boots and go back to music for a while knowing I left on a really high note."
Chris Jericho didn't really have a date set for his return to WWE once his last run was over in April, and as of now, no one knows when or if he will be back. Y2J wrestled in Singapore this past week and in Tokyo last night and today, but now, he's leaving once again.

chris jericho wwe news retire retirement wrestling fozzy
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Chris Jericho may not have retired from all of wrestling, but it may not be too far off. Y2J will turn 47 years old this November, but he's still working on all cylinders in the ring and on the stage. It does seem as if this truly was his "last hurrah" in Japan which means that he may not be around for WWE too much longer either. If you have the chance of seeing Jericho in the ring, you need to take it as that opportunity may not come your way again.

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