Chris Jericho’s Return To The Ring Could Happen Sooner Than Expected

Chris Jericho has only been off WWE television for several weeks, but the fans missed his presence on Raw and SmackDown immediately. It’s not a secret that Jericho just had one of the best runs of his WWE career, but it had to end eventually. No one is complaining because the original plan for his run was meant to be for four months, but it ended up lasting for a full year and a half and created a ton of good matches and feuds.

However, that doesn’t stop the WWE Universe from speculating about his return to WWE television. There is no doubt that the rivalry between Jericho and Kevin Owens will continue whenever the former returns to SmackDown Live, especially after the way Jericho was written off WWE television. The timetable for Y2J’s return is still up in the air, but there are more specifics regarding his return after the following came to light.

It has been reported that Fozzy has announced another tour in October that will last through November. It’s clear that Jericho will need more time off from WWE for that tour. However, that could mean that he won’t be returning until sometime after the tour is over. Of course, it also means he could return before October.

Chris Jericho Will Return to WWE Sooner Rather Than Later
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Fozzy’s current tour is about to have their last show on June 24. As of this writing, Y2J hasn’t announced anything between the end of June and the tour in October. Nothing is confirmed, but it’s possible that Chris Jericho could return for the summer months. WWE officials have had some major concerns about television ratings and attendance at live events. He should be able to help those numbers get better over the summer.

A lot of people are curious why Chris Jericho doesn’t work a part-time schedule for WWE, especially with a bunch of guys like Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, and John Cena taking advantage if being a part-timer. During a recent interview, Y2J went into detail about why he’s not interested in only wrestling on a part-time basis.

“I won’t do it because that’s not the way it should be. When you’re there, you should go on the road. That’s how you help guys to learn. That’s how I got better. This whole year I got way better because of working with the younger guys, who then were learning from me as well. They need that. I wouldn’t have a problem doing that either. Maybe I’ll never go back on TV again. Maybe I’ll just do live events.”

Chris Jerichos Run With WWE is Over
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On paper, the WWE Universe will take as much Chris Jericho as they can get. However, the WWE Universe should appreciate that Jericho will only perform for WWE when he can fully commit to the company. His latest run has proven that there is a lot more left in the tank for him. Obviously, fans would like to see him back in the ring sooner rather than later, but the scary thing is there’s no guarantee he will come back at all.

Chris Jericho is in an interesting position. He could never wrestle again and go out on top. However, Jericho seems like he has several years left in him, which could only continue to add to his legacy as one of the best wrestlers in the history of the business. Hopefully, Y2J returns soon to conclude the feud with Kevin Owens properly, but no one is going to blame him if he wants to rest. Ultimately, Chris Jericho has earned the right to choose his next move, but the fans are waiting with bated breath. On paper, that’s exactly what he wants.

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