John Boehner ‘Not Concerned’ About Losing Speaker Job, Despite Critics

John Boehner (R-OH) is “not concerned” about losing his job as Speaker of the House, despite the battle between him and President Obama over the impending fiscal cliff.

Boehner has also denied suggestions by Democrats that he could be stalling a deal with Obama in order to fight off a potential conservative revolt, reports Yahoo! News. The House speaker stated on Thursday:

“I’m not concerned about my job as speaker. What I’m concerned about is doing the right thing for our kids and grandkids.”

The White House and Congress are under pressure by the public and other officials to come to an agreement that will avert the impending fiscal cliff — a series of budget cuts and tax increases that will trigger if the two cannot come to an agreement.

Representative Chris Van Hollen, the Budget Committee’s ranking Democrat, suggested on Wednesday that Boehner may not move forward with a compromise with the White House until after the leadership elections on January 3, because he wants to keep his job. Van Hollen stated:

“I hope he wouldn’t avoid tough decisions simply to take us into January after his swearing-in, but I’m becoming increasingly worried that that’s exactly what’s going on.”

The Hill notes that John Boehner highlighted the spending as a problem, rather than extending the Bush-era tax cuts, which were supposed to be temporary. Boehner added, “And it we don’t fix this spending problem, [our kids and grandkids’] future is going to be rather bleak.”

Despite the House Speaker’s continued stance against raising taxes for the rich, some Republicans have expressed the opinion that the House should agree to higher tax rates, as long as Democrats also agree to spending cuts and entitlement reforms. Despite his words saying he is not worried about losing his job, another top Democrat, Senator Dick Durbin, echoed Van Hollen’s allegation, saying:

“What is John Boehner waiting for when it comes to tax cuts for working families across America? Is he waiting for Jan. 3rd, his election as speaker? I hope it’s not.”

Do you think that John Boehner may be putting off a deal with the White House over the Fiscal Cliff in order to protect his job as Speaker of the House?