Married Couple Allegedly Tortured Their Maid By Branding Her With Hot Iron & Pouring Boiling Water On Her

A married couple in Myanmar were arrested for allegedly torturing their live-in maid. The couple has been accused of branding the 13-year-old housemaid with an iron, pricking her eyes with pins, and pouring boiling water on her. Police arrested 32-year old Tun Tun and his wife, 30-year old Myat Noe Thu, after receiving complaints from concerned neighbors.

According to the Daily Mirror, Tun Tun has told the police officers that he is innocent, and it is his wife who is responsible for the crime. The 32-year-old has also accused his wife of abusing him. He further added that Myat Noe Thu used to batter the poor girl with sticks, in addition to branding her with a hot iron and pouring boiling water on her. The couple was arrested on June 3.

The pictures of the victim, which have since gone viral, were taken by the police officers at the Dagon Township Station in Yangon, Burma. The pictures show injuries all over the girl’s body, including in her face, chest, back, arms, and legs. The police report states that the couple was arrested at around 9 am on June 3, from room 402 of the building in which they were living. It also states Tun Tun’s claims that he is innocent, and his wife is responsible. The child is currently in the custody of the Social Welfare Department, and the police will take further action against the couple.

Here’s an excerpt from the police report.

“On the morning of June 3 at about 9 am the hosts living in room 402 were arrested accused of torturing the domestic worker.”

“According to the investigation, Tun Tun and his wife were found to be responsible to this.”

“The wounds were checked and verified. The child has been taken now by the Social Welfare Department.”

“Under the relevant laws the police will continue to take action.”

Police received complaints from concerned neighbors living in the building. The couple’s mugshot following their arrest has also been released. The couple was initially held in police custody, but they were released last week on bail. Their charges were reduced from “causing grievous hurt with weapons” to “causing hurt with weapons,” which is a less severe charge.

Child Abuse
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The child’s representative Myo Tint Naing, speaking with the local media, admitted that there was little he could do about the couple being granted bail. He further added that since the child had clear burn marks all over her body, he was positive that she would receive justice in court.

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