July 18, 2016
Justin Bieber, Calvin Harris About To Swap Exes? Selena Gomez And Rita Ora Defy Taylor Swift To Chase Hunks

Justin Bieber, Calvin Harris, Rita Ora, and Selena Gomez all have love lives so complicated they could only be represented using an explosion diagram or intricate pictorial. Throw Taylor Swift into the mix and you have a truly tangled yarn-ball of love rumors with more crisscrossing, multicolored threads than a hand-sewn Met Ball couture gown.

The plot continues to thicken this week.

Back when Jelena was a thing, Selena's best friend Taylor Swift was always encouraging Selena to move on from Justin. Taylor even reportedly told Selena that as soon as she lets go of Justin Bieber she will find the real man of her dreams.

Gomez appears to be finally taking Taylor's advice, but there's a twist -- Selena is rumored to be interested in Calvin Harris! In fact, Selena apparently had her eye on Calvin the whole time that Calvin and Taylor were still dating, according to Hollywood Life.

"Selena has always had her eye on Calvin. Selena's told friends she believes she and Calvin would make a perfect match... She always thought Taylor just wasn't right for him and the breakup confirmed that in her mind. She says she and Calvin would make a better couple."
Meanwhile, Rita Ora, who dated Calvin Harris for a while, is rumored to be chasing both Calvin and Justin.

Mirror reports that Rita was seen "getting cozy" with Justin on a dinner date in Hollywood last month.

"[Rita Ora] may have bagged herself another popstar... Justin Bieber has been spotted getting close to Rita Ora."
Belfast Telegraph reports that the two have been on some dates and that Rita Ora believes she and Justin Bieber have "real chemistry."
"They've been on some dates and they are hooking up. Rita is very into him, and she's telling everyone they have real chemistry."
Rita would apparently love to work with Justin on some music.
"Rita knows this would be a big opportunity for her music... They have similar vibes and she would love to collaborate. Justin and his manager, Scooter Braun, could really help her with her career."
Rita may be eager to hook up with Bieber, but she is also rumored to be chasing Calvin Harris again.

Now magazine reports that "there is unfinished business between these two [Rita Ora and Calvin Harris]" and the exes may indeed get back together.

"Rita still cares for Calvin. She wanted him to know she was there for him."
The romance between Rita and Calvin came to a nasty end in 2014, and Calvin Harris even reportedly forbade Rita from performing the song they wrote together, "I Will Never Let You Down," at the Teen Choice Awards.

Harris refused to explain why he made that decision, which was communicated at the last minute and which derailed Rita Ora's awards show plans, as well as upsetting many fans and ticket-holders.

"You'll only know one side of the story re Teen Choice Awards because I choose not to talk to the papers about every aspect of my personal life," the producer wrote on Twitter.

Rita Ora merely said "Ask Calvin," then pulled an exhausted, flustered face, when she was grilled about the incident by Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest later did speak to Harris about it but did not get any straight answers.

Ryan Seacrest told Calvin Harris that "to an outsider, looking in... it seems like [Rita] did something to hurt you."

Harris neither confirmed nor denied that that was the case, prompting Seacrest to laugh that Calvin Harris is "the best Fort Knox ever."

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift's friendship is rumored to be in trouble due to Selena's interest in Calvin Harris.

If Rita Ora follows Selena Gomez's lead and pursues Calvin Harris, she too may end up on the wrong side of Taylor.

Taylor was reportedly angry that Rita kept in touch with Calvin throughout the time she was dating him, reports Sugarscape. Apparently, Taylor was worried that Rita could ruin Calvin's reputation by spilling details about what Calvin and Rita did in bed together!

"Taylor's furious at the idea that Rita could show Calvin in a bad light. She has no idea what Rita is going to say - whether she is going to imply that Calvin was dishonourable or if it'll reference things he and Rita did in bed... Taylor's so worried it could ruin Calvin's reputation - and then her's, too. Taylor's scared that Rita has nothing to lose by slating Calvin. They split up ages ago and Taylor wishes she'd just leave him alone."
[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]