Drugs Fired From Cannon Across Border

Dan Evon

Smuggling drugs into the United States from Mexico has resulted in several arrests, murders, and general chaos along the border. Still, you have to hand it to the smugglers for being an ingenious bunch. Police on the border in Yuma, Arizona recently reported that a group of smugglers fired cans full of drugs across the border with a cannon.

Yep, they made a drug cannon and launched cans of marijuana into the United States.

MSNBC reports that Customs and Border Protection officials said on Tuesday that they discovered several suspicious cans near the Colorado River in Yuma, Arizona over the weekend. Officials determined that the cans were fired from about 500 feet away with a pneumatic-powered cannon. The officers said it was "another unique but unsuccessful attempt" to smuggle drugs into the United States.

Linwood Estes, a Border Patrol Agent in Yuma, said:

"Because of our progress in targeting and obstructing movement, they can no longer just walk across the border. The more and more successful we are, the more and more unique they become in trying to get the drugs across."

In total, the officers found about 85 pounds of marijuana worth about $42,000 in the cans.

The drug cannon, surprisingly, isn't the first time that smugglers have tried to shoot drugs across the border. Last year, a video surfaced online of a drug catapult that hurled pounds of marijuana across the border. Smugglers have also used tunnels, mules, and submarines to bring drugs into the US.

Earlier this year, border patrol agents found a truck stuck on top of a border fence after another "unique but unsuccessful attempt" to bring drugs across the border.

Unfortunately, there is no video of the smugglers firing drugs across the border with a cannon. There is, however, a video of the drug catapult.