Illegal Daycare Owner Accused Of Shaking 10-Month-Old, Baby In Critical Condition, Tempest Coulter Arrested

A 10-month-old baby is in critical condition and has a traumatic brain injury as a result of being shaken. Tempest Coulter, the owner of an illegal daycare center in Taylor, Texas, claimed responsibility for injuring the child.

According to KXAN, officers responded to a call on June 15. The caller explained that there was a little boy that was having difficulty breathing. NBC reported that the call was from Child Protective Services, not the daycare owner. The boy was taken to the hospital and at the time of the original report, not much was known except the home daycare was being run illegally. Authorities didn’t know if the 10-month-old child had a medical condition or was injured. The horrifying truth would be revealed later.

Crime Watch Daily reported that one week after the child was admitted to Dell Children’s Medical Center, staff determined what happened to the little boy. He suffered a traumatic brain injury. It is believed that the injury was caused by the child being shaken. Investigators questioned the unlicensed daycare owner. Tempest Coulter, 28, admitted to injuring the baby.

On July 6, Coulter was arrested by Taylor police. Tempest was charged with injury to a child and she was transported to Williamson County Jail, located in Georgetown. Court records do not have an update on the suspect regarding this specific case. However, a search did reveal that in 2013, she was charged with possession of a controlled substance, a third-degree felony.

Child Protective Services is investigating the shaken baby case, along with Child Care Licensing. Due to the ongoing investigation, it could not be confirmed how many children were being watched by Coulter.

To help with the baby’s medical expenses, a YouCaring account was created. The page revealed that the baby’s name is Asher. He is out of the intensive care unit and is in the rehab section of the hospital. Although he has to endure rehab and surgery, it was also stated that Asher is a fighter. The goal was to raise $3,000 and so far, donors have contributed $2,100.

What are your thoughts on the unlicensed daycare worker shaking baby Asher? What kind of punishment should Temptest Coulter receive as a result of injuring the child?

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