Why Is The Nanny Getting Sacked By Thomas Ravenel And Kathryn Dennis In The ‘Southern Charm’ Custody Case?

There have been some serious accusations about the nanny and her daughter in the custody case of former Southern Charm couple Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, and now according to the newly executed custody agreement, the nanny listed as D.P and her daughter, listed as P.P. will no longer be able to be in the employ of Thomas Ravenel after Kathryn Dennis fulfills phase one of the custody agreement. But fans are wondering exactly what it was that caused Ravenel and Dennis to agree that the nanny would be terminated at the end of the summer after she was seen on numerous episodes of Southern Charm?

One of the big issues that came up again on a recent episode of Southern Charm when the cast was in Key West and Thomas Ravenel revealed that the nanny, Deidre Blair Politelli’s teenage daughter Paige would be watching Kensie and Kathryn reacted badly. But this was not the first argument about Politelli and daughter Paige as there were issues about the Ravenel nanny ever since she replaced nanny Dawn who also helped Kathryn.

One big event came over Thanksgiving last year when the Southern Charm couple had another public argument over topics including day drinking, drinking alcohol in front of minor children Kensie and Saint, and providing alcohol to nanny Deirdre Politelli’s minor daughter Paige who Kathryn Dennis suggested was sexually involved with Ravenel. A video of Ravenel, Deirdre Politelli, and her daughter (with Saint on her lap) are drinking ar a Charleston restaurant on Thanksgiving after Kathryn Dennis was told that Thomas would be having a “quiet Thanksgiving at home” with the children. After seeing the video, Kathryn remarked on Twitter that she was disappointed that so many rules in their temporary agreement were broken.

“Downtown at this hour is not for children. I run a tight schedule and it doesn’t include surrounding them with alcohol.”

In the recently signed parenting agreement between Southern Charm couple Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel it is confirmed that the drug test, a Kathryn Dennis clean hair follicle test from April (hair tests are often considered the best sign that someone has been clean for months) would be the benchmark for the agreement, and would lead to Ravenel phasing out nanny Deirdre and her daughter Paige from the lives of Thomas, Kensie and Saint Ravenel. The agreement makes it clear that after phase one, the Politellis are gone.

“The parties agree that neither Party shall employ the present nanny DP or her daughter PP, after Mother completes Phase I. Father shall employ a new nanny upon the beginning of Mother’s Phase II visitation. Each Party will consult with the other prior to hiring any new nanny.”

Another line goes even further and examines the topic of “sleeping with the help” which has often been an accusation lobbed by Kathryn Dennis at Thomas Ravenel.

“The Parties are restrained from having a romantic relationship with any paid caregiver of the minor children.”

There were a number of things about the team of Deirdre Politelli and daughter Paige caring for Kensie and Saint which irked Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis, including the fact that Ravenel took the tip about housing the children in his guest house from Deirdre Politelli. Kathryn Dennis had her lawyer file an official complaint that Ravenel, 54 was involved with the nanny’s daughter, 19. When the nanny was asked about the relationship between Ravenel and her teen daughter, Paige Politelli, she did not deny it and said she refused to discuss it. Kathryn’s legal team put her concern in words.

“[Ravenel] has had a romantic relationship with the girl and has encouraged the underage drinking of the nanny’s daughter [redacted] in front of the children!”

In a recent article Ravenel has admitted that being surrounded by girls of an inappropriate age for a man in his fifties is a constant problem.

“In one case, I was actually talking to a girl who was one-third my age. She was 18! I was like, ‘this is ridiculous … Oh my God, I can’t do this now.’ She was one-third my age!”


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Do you think it’s best for Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel to spell out that neither party can sleep with the help in the Southern Charm custody agreement?

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