Jennifer Londono: Blood Of Dismembered New Jersey Woman Found In Boyfriend’s Bathtub

The blood of dismembered New Jersey woman Jennifer Londono has been found in her boyfriend’s bathroom. The 31-year-old bar manager was last seen as she closed up her bar, June 25, on Amory Street in Englewood, New Jersey. Londono had just opened the dream bar, Luna Lounge, with her life savings after working for years as a bartender.

Last week, her headless and decomposing body parts were found floating in two different locations in New York City. Jennifer’s torso from the waist to the knee was first discovered by a couple walking their dog. Days later, a passing jogger found a partial leg and foot with pink-painted toenails. An anonymous source speaking to the New York Post disclosed that judging by the way the Jennifer Londono’s body was dismembered, it looked like the bar owner had been cut into pieces with a chainsaw.

The New York Daily News is reporting that the police identified the body because of a distinct tattoo the corpse carried on the right hip. Police had circulated pictures of the tattoo and urged anyone with information to come forward. Londono’s mother had visited the police department and told officers that her daughter carried the same tattoo in the same place. According to the mother, the tattoo was written in ancient Sanskrit, a classical Indian language and was a tribute to her daughter’s dead aunt who passed away.


The NYPD had dispatched K9 units to look for blood spatter in places that the 31-year-old bar owner frequented. The dogs searched the bar and her mother’s car but came up empty. However, one of the dogs found traces of her blood in the boyfriend’s bathtub. The 40-year-old New Jersey man is being questioned by officers who have found “inconsistencies” in his story.

Friends of the murdered Jennifer Londono held a vigil on Monday night calling for justice. Scores of friends showed up at a memorial outside Luna Lounge to light candles, place flowers, and comfort each other. Marcela Toro, a long-time friend said she knew the body belonged to Jennifer when she saw the tattoo, adding that she had seen it a number of times because they shared clothes. The 32-year-old disclosed that she was shocked that anyone would want to hurt Londono.

“She was a loving, sweet person, she had no problems with anybody, she had a lot of friends. Everyone loved her, we still don’t understand why someone would do that to her.”

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