Trump’s Plan To Make Surprise Visit To U.K. To Avoid Demonstrations Fails As Protesters Prepare For Him

Donald Trump may have had plans to make a surprise visit to the U.K. to avoid facing protesters, but that plan seemed to come crashing down when word leaked, and protesters across the country got ready for him.

Over the next two weeks, the president has plans to travel to Hamburg for the G20 summit and head to France for Bastille celebrations before stopping at his Turnberry golf course in Scotland. However, there have been reports that Trump may try to sneak in another destination — a secret visit to the U.K. that would allow him to slip in without facing the hordes of protesters who planned to greet him.

Sources told the U.K.’s Guardian about the potential visit to London to meet U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May. There had originally been plans for an official state visit to the U.K., but those were apparently scrapped as protesters planned massive demonstrations to greet Trump.

The smaller visit would have taken the place of the official state appearance, with the intention of allowing Trump to enter and leave the country without fanfare and without protest.

It appears that will not happen. As People reported, rumors of Trump’s secret visit to the U.K. had protesters growing ready for him.

“A number of protesters have said on Twitter that they are prepared to take to the streets with little notice and have expressed frustration that the President’s trip could be kept under wraps until the day before he visits. The U.K. government is expected to give less than 24 hours notice of a Presidential state visit to avoid the disruption of mass protest, the newspaper reports.”

So even if Donald Trump does plan on making a quick trip to the U.K., protesters will be ready for him.

Many in the U.K. are up in arms at even the idea of Donald Trump making a surprise visit. Suzanne Moore wrote in the Guardian that the prospect of the visit is frightening as is the possibility that he will be protected from the public during the visit to his golf course in Scotland.

Moore criticized the re-edited video Trump posted this weekend that showed the president during his appearance in the WWE beating up an opponent with a CNN logo edited in for a head. She blamed Trump for stoking the anger that is set to meet him should he visit England.

“Trump’s continuing violation of all decent or normal or indeed presidential boundaries only feeds the frenzy,” she wrote. “To react is to play a game with no discernible rules. To not react is to lose any sense of morality.”

However, it is still not clear if the visit will ever happen. After rumors of Donald Trump’s surprise visit to the U.K. started to spread, the White House and Downing Street both downplayed the report, the New York Times noted.

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