Chris Christie’s Excuse Adds Insult To Injury For Using Beach Closed In Government Shut Down

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie might not have handled the closing of the New Jersey government the way a governor should. As a result, today he is being chastised for his use of a beach that was closed to the public. On top of this, when he was questioned on Monday, he flippantly threw out a remark that many perceived as Christie denying the use of the beach, but he was saved by a staff member.

The pictures were taken on Sunday, and later in the day, Christie took a helicopter to a press conference.

It is not known if Christie was aware of the pictures at the time, but when asked about using the closed beach when at that conference on Sunday, Christie remarked, “I didn’t get any sun today.”

Then when the pictures were shown to him, Christie’s spokesperson added, “He did not get any sun. He had a baseball hat on.”

As CNN suggests, this was an epic save.

They write, “The ‘hat’ defense! Epic. Absolutely epic.”

According to CNN, Christie was “dismissive” of this controversy surrounding his beach use once again when talking with reporters on Monday morning. As the morning progressed on Monday, the news shows picked up the pictures of Christie and a dozen or so family members and friends soaking in the sun on a closed New Jersey beach. Fox News pointed out that in a few of the pictures taken of Christie on the beach, he appears to be looking directly at the camera that was in a plane overhead and spotted Christie and his beach party.

The social media sites were ripe with criticism of Christie’s beach use over the weekend. People were furious that the public was told by New Jersey State Police they couldn’t use the state park when pulling up to the gates, yet Christie, who was the one who closed the beaches, was soaking up the sun on this closed beach. As this debacle grew, the governor took to Twitter to invite people to enjoy the beaches that were open along the New Jersey shoreline. If that is the case, why then didn’t Christie use one of those beaches? Christie’s latest tweet on the subject is seen below.

On Monday, Christie was asked by reporters about taking family and friends to a beach that the general public was turned away from at the gate. His answer has opened a can of worms for the governor, with CNN suggesting Chris Christie has “stopped caring.”

Christie ordered beaches in New Jersey closed after the governor and the state legislators remained at odds over the budget this holiday weekend. While the general public wasn’t allowed to use the beaches during the holiday weekend, Christie and his friends and family were videoed having the state beach all to themselves, as seen in the different shots presented in the video below.

Pressed by the media about his use of the beach, Christie told reporters of a local news station on Monday, “They actually caught a politician being where he was going to be with the people he said he was going to be with, his wife and his children and their friends. So I’m sure they’re going to get a Pulitzer Prize for this one because they actually proved they caught me doing what I said to do with the people I said I was going to be with.”

[Featured Image by Julio Cortez/AP Images]