Kenyan Woman Abducted, Stabbed, And Gang Raped For Six Hours On Her Wedding Day

A woman in Nairobi, Kenya claims she never made it to her wedding after being abducted and gang-raped for six hours, BBC News reports. Terry Gobanga, a pastor, says that on the morning of her wedding, she walked a friend to a nearby bus station.

As she was returning home, she noticed a man sitting on the hood of a car. When Gobanga walked past him, the man reportedly grabbed her from behind and placed her inside of his vehicle, where she was greeted by two other men. After the driver took off, she said one of the men put a piece of cloth in her mouth. That's when she began to kick and scream, fearing for her life.

The victim stated that when she was able to remove to cloth from her mouth, she screamed: "It's my wedding day!" One of the attackers struck Gobanga and told her that if she didn't cooperate, she was going to die before placing the cloth back in her mouth.

Although Gobanga continued to fight with her assailants, the men took turns raping the pastor. When one of them took the cloth out of her mouth, she bit him in his private area. As he screamed in pain, the other man stabbed Gobanga in the stomach before throwing her out of the moving vehicle.

Six hours had passed since Gobanga was abducted and gang-raped. She was many miles from her home in Nairobi, but fortunately for the pastor, a child saw her as she was being thrown out of the vehicle and called for help.

When emergency medical services arrived at the scene, Gobanga didn't have a pulse after being brutally beaten, stabbed, and gang-raped for six hours. She was transported to a local hospital covered in blood and had a swollen face.

A short time later, Gobanga was transferred to another hospital where she received the morning-after pill and treatment for HIV and Aids. She also learned that the stabbing caused severe damage. Doctors told her that she wouldn't be able to carry children.

When her husband, Harry Olwande, and relatives uncovered the tragedy, they rushed to be by her side.

Seven months after the attack, Gobanga and her husband married, but just 29 days later, Harry died of monoxide poisoning.

Boganda lived in darkness for a while after being raped and losing her husband. But three years later, she married a man named Tonny. The pair now has two children together.

Although Gobanga's attackers were never captured and justice was never served, the pastor opted to go public with her story to help other rape survivors.

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