Ruth Bader Ginsburg Not Leaving Supreme Court: Fake News Gets 19K Facebook Shares, Misspells Name As 'Badger'

The most recent time that Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg went viral online, it was due to the look captured on Ginsburg's face as she posed for a photo with President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and other members of the U.S. Supreme Court, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now Ginsburg is going viral once more, but it isn't because of any group photo taken at the Supreme Court Building.

Instead, the 84-year-old Ruth, who is currently the oldest sitting justice, is the target of articles claiming that she is leaving the Supreme Court. As reported by Trendolizer, the article titled "Boom! Justice Ruth [sic] Badger Ginsburg Is Leaving The Supreme Court!" is getting loads of attention online, having been shared from the website onto Facebook more than 8,000 times.

Notably, the fake news article spells her name as "Ruth Badger Ginsburg," turning the Bader middle name into that of an animal. The article goes on to claim that Ginsburg made disparaging comments about President Trump, with a quote that alleged Ginsburg was leaving the Supreme Court because she believed President Trump would simply shoot down everything she said. The writing of the fake news article immediately pegs it as something not factual, with a fake quote claiming Ginsburg insulted President Trump by saying he couldn't find his belly button with a GPS locator.

Not only was the article published on, it linked to an article titled "ANNOUNCEMENT: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg To LEAVE The Supreme Court" from, which has been shared more than 10,000 times on Facebook. The title of the article, when one visits the actual website, also spells Ginsburg's name wrong, as "Badger" instead of Bader.
With Ginsburg's age and important political position in mind, folks on social media tend to focus on Ginsburg - a woman who was appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1993. Those believing and spreading the fake news about Ginsburg on Facebook are also sharing either their relief or sadness over what they believe is real news, based on their political beliefs.

Meanwhile, no major new organizations have announced such a decision from Ginsburg.

[Featured Image by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Images]