June 30, 2017
'Southern Charm' Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel Custody Deal Inked, Both Parties Satisfied [UPDATE]


The Southern Charm custody battle between Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and Thomas Ravenel is finally over, as the negotiated deal has finally been signed by both Dennis and Ravenel and the two parties are ready to move on. Both parties are said to be satisfied with the deal that was inked this morning. Whether or not Kathryn would regain custody of Kensington Calhoun Ravenel (Kensie) and St. Julien Rembert Ravenel (Saint) was the subject of most of Season 4 of the popular Bravo series Southern Charm, but all of the haggling seems to be over just in time for the Southern Charm Season 4 reunion on Monday night.

Rumors leading up to this long-awaited agreement ranged from the Southern Charm couple getting back together to Thomas Ravenel's angry texts being published for the world to see. To her credit, Kathryn Dennis did not respond to the texts but instead forwarded them to her lawyer for filings that included a complaint that Dennis was denied her visitation and allegedly that Thomas Ravenel was using drugs while the children were in his custody and while he is still on probation for his cocaine arrest. But while the details of the new Ravenel/Dennis custody agreement have not yet been made public, it's likely the something will surface by the end of the day.

But the news broke around noon today that Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis had both signed a deal and all parties are satisfied. While Kathryn Dennis has not yet made an official statement, Thomas Ravenel made a comment to Will Folks of FitsNews.

"I'm glad all the acrimony a custody battle can bring has ceased as this case is settled and I fully intend to honor the agreement so as not to revive this messy business."

It was reported by Folks last week that the only thing left to do was sign the agreement that the Southern Charm former couple had hashed out with their lawyers. Both Ravenel and Dennis had come to their senses and decided that it was better to work something out outside of a courtroom than have a judge deciding how the next eighteen years of their lives would go. Sources said that both parties had enough dirt on the other that it would be "mutually assured destruction."

While the details of the final deal are not available at this time, Folks hinted at some of the topics that would be covered.
"The rumored deal – which is said to address parental rights and a host of financial particulars – comes roughly six weeks after the estranged couple's attempt to settle their differences via mediation failed spectacularly."


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But don't think for a minute that this means the Southern Charm reunion won't have fireworks. The Bravo teaser shows Kathryn Dennis challenging Jennifer Snowden about lying during her deposition in the Dennis-Ravenel custody affair. Lying about what? The best guess is that Kathryn believes that Jennifer lied under oath about her alleged relations and relationship with Thomas Ravenel.

If both Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis are happy with the custody arrangement, what do you think that means? What could they possibly cover on a season five of Southern Charm?

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