June 30, 2017
NASA's Curiosity Rover Captures Large Alien 'Batmobile' Object On Mars, Reddit Users Debate What Object Is

While NASA's Curiosity Rover has captured many strange alien-like images on Mars, Reddit users are currently locked in a debate as to whether alien life exists on the planet after pictures have come back which purportedly show what appears to be a large object, which one user has referred to as "the old Batmobile."

This isn't the first time that the Curiosity Rover has beamed back what some conspiracy theorists say is proof of alien life on Mars. Last year, images were released which looked like there was a battlefield strewn with bones on the planet, as the Inquisitr reported. UFO hunters claimed that images showed definitive proof of spine and hip bones on Mars, and in 2014, what looked very much like a leg bone to many people was also captured.

Now, a Reddit user that goes by the name of Prosaic Origin has posted a photograph of an image taken by the NASA Curiosity Rover and has captioned the image with the question, "NASA? UFO caught on Mars Rover mission? Is this real?"

Posters immediately began to question just what this strange object on Mars was, and many admitted that it did look eerily like some sort of alien space vehicle or UFO. However, they questioned how it could have arrived at the location it did on the planet with no tracks anywhere near it, as the Metro reported.

"But how did it get over there? There's no tracks coming from that direction. The wind must've been blowing pretty hard."
NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover captures alien 'Batmobile' object on Mars.
NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover captures alien 'Batmobile' object on Mars. [Image by NASA/JPL/Cornell]

As the Reddit debate over this alleged space vehicle on Mars continues, some have taken the conversation over to YouTube after a video was posted two days ago of the alien object. In just two days, the video has already garnered 88,553 views. Some of the comments jokingly say things like, "They actually found Luke Skywalker's Soro Suub Corporation X-34 landspeeder," while others, like user Mauricio Ruiz, believe that it is a cover-up of alien life on Mars by NASA.

"Thanks, great upload! I know that NASA has done it again. I was the one who upload the image on JUNE of this YEAR and the next day the image was taken off by NASA from their official website."
With some people assuming that the picture of the 'Batmobile' alien spacecraft on Mars is probably a hoax and has been Photoshopped, Reddit and YouTube users are pointing out that the original image comes straight from an image gallery on NASA's website and was taken using the Left Panoramic Camera of the Curiosity Rover at 12:45:41 Mars local solar time on March 17, 2017. The picture itself is legitimate. The real debate is in what the object actually is.

There have been some suggestions that the alleged UFO or alien spacecraft on Mars may be nothing more than debris from the Curiosity Rover itself, as the Daily Mail reports.

"We know that the Rover was taking pictures of its own entry debris at that time. There's nothing particularly alien about the object in question – it could easily be entry debris, at least in my opinion."
NASA's Curiosity Rover has captured many odd images on Mars, including suggestions of alien life.
NASA's Curiosity Rover has captured many odd images on Mars, including suggestions of alien life. [Image by NASA/Getty Images]

With so many images being taken by NASA's Curiosity Rover, there are bound to be questions about alien life on Mars. What is your opinion on this latest picture taken by the Curiosity Rover and do you think the strange 'Batmobile' object shows proof of alien life on Mars?

[Featured Image by NASA/Getty Images]