September 7, 2017
Melania Trump's Life Painted Bleak By Cher's Tweets And Fury Ensues

Cher called out First Lady Melania Trump on Twitter for "always" looking so "sad" and "angry," which apparently makes the legendary singer feel rather "bad" for Melania. The first tweet from Cher, which contained her thoughts on Melania, started with a disclaimer-like sentence that noted how she's not trying to be mean, she is just passing along an observation.

It seems as if Cher started out by attempting to empathize with Melania rather than getting in the long line of Trump bashers, but that was her first tweet. Her second tweet offered up Cher's hope that Melania and Barron head back to New York.

According to AOL News, "Cher has a bone to pick with First Lady Melania Trump," but why would the singer have a problem with the first lady, who doesn't have a bad word to say about a soul? This is what some of the many comments regarding these tweets today are asking. Others ask why anyone would care what Cher has to say about Melania.

Many comments that are coming from the AOL article are ripping Cher apart for her tweets. It seems that the First Lady doesn't need to say a thing about Cher's tweets, her fans have done that for her.

Cher's tweet did start a bit of a pity party for Melania Trump with some posting pictures online of Melania with a scowl. There are plenty of pictures with the first lady smiling, but it appears those who are backing up Cher's tweets have opted to post pictures of Melania with a serious facial expression. One of those tweets is seen below.

Another tweet by Cher seemed open the floodgates for people after Cher alludes to Trump as a father not sharing "nuggies" with his son. While she was just offering up what she perceives strictly from her own observations, others jumped right on it. Cher doesn't see Melania as a happy woman, but it does sound as if the Hollywood icon is only basing her thoughts on some pictures that she's seen of Donald Trump and Melania Trump in public.

Cher said she hopes Melania takes Barron back to New York City soon. She complemented Melania as appearing to be a "good mother." But Cher did throw in how she never sees "him," presumingly Trump, give Barron a hug, give nuggies, or even play with his son.

Barron Gets A Hug From His Dad, Donald Trump
[Image by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Images]

Some on social media were quick to comment that the public is not privy to their private moments, so how can Cher make a blanket statement about Trump's interaction with his son? Unless she is a close friend and she's spent time with the Trump family, it is hard to imagine that anyone has enough evidence to make that statement. Then, of course, there is the famous picture above of Trump hugging Barron the night he became the lone Republican candidate. That seems to blow a hole in Cher's theory.

As Blasting News suggests Melania has talked about raising Barron while Donald Trump was busy with his many business ventures, but she also said that they adore each other. Cher seems to be insinuating that Melania is stuck in a marriage that doesn't bring her happiness. That is insinuating a lot through pictures, suggests those commenting on the AOL article along with social media users. While Melania's fans are speaking in defense of Melania online, it seems that some are now bashing Cher in return.
The tweet below might be a good example of Melania showing a rather serious face, but an unhappy marriage does not necessarily have to be the reason behind her facial expression. This is a woman who has basically been a homebody since she's had Barron in her life, which is mentioned in a Washington Post article this week.

Now all of the sudden she is thrust into the public eye and she is also one of the most talked about women on the planet today. That's a lot to take in for anyone. As you can see in the picture below, it almost looks as if Melania doesn't know what to do with herself and Ivanka seems to be in that same type of pose, almost frozen in time. According to the Indian Express, this photo in the tweet below went viral and the social media sites ate it up.

Melania has shared some very endearing moments with her husband and some have been caught on camera. The picture below captured one of those moments on inauguration night.

Cher tweets that Melania Trump looks like an unhappy wife.
[Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]

Many users of the social media sites offered up their theory on the reasons Melania might look so stiff and almost scared in this picture, again with many considering the fact that she's suddenly thrust into the limelight. Cher's tweet sad that she doesn't see Melania and Donald sharing too many personal moments where they seem happy. The picture above seems to contradict her thoughts. What's up with Cher suddenly analyzing Melania Trump's personal life? This is a question many are asking today.

As a celebrity herself, Cher must have known that her tweets were going to stir things up. Cher appears to be someone who likes her privacy as well, so it is a bit perplexing to some as to why she would tweet this about Melania Trump.

[Featured Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]