September 13, 2017
'Chrisley Knows Best' Secrets: Julie Chrisley Was Married To First Husband At Age 18, Report Claims

Over the past few weeks, alleged Chrisley Knows Best secrets have been making the rounds of the rumor mill, with many claiming that stars Todd and Julie Chrisley have a "fake" marriage. One other "secret" that has emerged in far more recent days is the claim that Julie was married to another man prior to Todd, and that she had tied the knot at the tender age of 18.

In an exclusive report on Julie Chrisley's supposed first marriage, Radar Online cited documents supposedly obtained from the Oconee County Courthouse in South Carolina. These documents include a marriage license and certificate where Julie, then 18-years-old and going by her maiden name Hughes, was married to a man named Kenneth Wayne Childress on March 15, 1991.

Childress was 24-years-old at the time of the supposed marriage, and while it isn't specified when he and Julie were divorced, Radar noted that Julie eventually married Todd Chrisley in 1996. The couple's 21-year marriage has produced five children, yet has been rocked by recent claims that their relationship is "made for TV" — close and loving in front of the cameras, but distant and lacking in affection when the cameras stop rolling.

Radar Online's report adds that Kenneth Wayne Childress worked as a pipefitter and in the construction business before his death on November 27, 2012, at the age of 46. Childress' obituary can be found on the website of the Davenport Funeral Home in South Carolina, but no information on previous marriages can be found on the obituary page. He was listed as being survived by two brothers and a sister, but it appears that he wasn't married at the time of his death, nor did he have any known children before his passing.

Julie and Todd Chrisley's son Chase (extreme left) just turned 21, but reports have alleged that Todd in particular is estranged from the couple's other adult children, Kyle and Lindsie. [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

Radar Online's suggestion that Todd Chrisley might not "know best" when it comes to Julie Chrisley's first marriage may or may not be on the level. But assuming the report is correct, it could qualify as one of the many Chrisley Knows Best secrets, as the marriage has not been referenced on the show at any point.

Aside from the claims of Todd and Julie Chrisley having a "fake" marriage, the couple has had its share of problems with two of their adult children. As the Inquisitr reported previously, Lindsie Chrisley will not be on the reality show's next season after a supposedly bitter feud with her father, effectively following her older brother Kyle, who remains estranged from Todd three years after he was kicked out of the show. Nineteen-year-old daughter Savannah, however, appears to be doing much better for herself, as she recently confirmed her relationship with incoming Detroit Pistons rookie Luke Kennard.

What are your thoughts on this new, alleged Chrisley Knows Best secret – Julie Chrisley's teenage marriage to Kenneth Wayne Childress?

[Featured Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]