‘Bambi’ And Friends Invade Horse Racetrack [Video]

Washington County, PA – Bambi was recently triumphant at a US racetrack in Pennsylvania; at least, that’s according to race announcer Roger Huston.

KDKA-TV reports how a recent race was delayed as three deer bounded onto the Washington County track. Commentator Huston sportingly played along with the invasion, calling the race as it unfolded with lines such as:

“As they race down the track, Bambi has the lead. Here comes Rudolph from the outside.”

As the trio of confused deer ran around the track, constantly changing directions and keeping the horses waiting in their stalls, Huston’s unnamed co-commentator breathlessly muttered:

“It’s hunting season.”

Fortunately, nothing so drastic was required. After an aborted attempt to make for the racetrack’s paddock, the deer cleared off the track just a few minutes later, meaning the race could get underway. But not before Huston announced the winner as Bambi.

You can watch the chaos unfold below, along with Huston’s dry commentary: