June 28, 2017
Body In Walmart Bathroom Goes Unnoticed For Days

When an employee found a bathroom stall locked at a Walmart store last week, they put an "Out of Order" sign on the door, but it wasn't out of order. No one noticed that there was a woman's body behind that locked door.

According to ABC Local News, the Sands Springs, Oklahoma, Walmart store unknowingly harbored the body of a dead woman over the weekend. The locked bathroom door was mistakenly assumed as an out of order stall. No one knows for sure just how long the body of a 29-year-old woman was in that locked bathroom stall.

When employees unlocked the bathroom on Monday, the body of a Muskogee woman was found. The dead woman was identified as Katherine Caraway, who was 29 years old.

The cause of death is not known, but police report that they do not suspect that any foul play was involved in her death. According to Fox News, the body was locked inside the "Family Bathroom" at the Sand Springs Walmart store.

It was the Walmart maintenance crew that unlocked the door only to make the unexpected discovery. Fox News reports that the preliminary investigation suggests the woman died of natural causes inside that locked bathroom. According to ABC News, the woman may have died of a heart attack, but the official cause of death has not been released.
It seems that a couple of Walmart bathrooms turned into scenes needing the assistance of police over the past few days. Besides the discovery of the dead body in Sand Springs, the American Fork Police in Utah answered a call that ended with a mother charged with felony child abuse.

A woman walked into the Walmart store in Utah and purchased needle-nose pliers and hand sanitizer before bringing her son into the bathroom at the store. Police say the older son was outside the bathroom when he heard his brother screaming.

The older brother ran in and whisked his little brother out of the bathroom. The mother had pulled two of her 7-year-old son's teeth out in that Walmart bathroom. The older boy told the police that earlier in the day his brother had pointed out that he had a loose tooth and one just starting to become loose, reports Local 10 News.

The mother decided to expedite the boy's teeth being removed for some reason, but she inflicted pain on the boy while doing so. Not to mention that it wasn't the most sterile place in the world to be removing teeth from a child's mouth, which several of the comments from the social media sites conveyed. The police noted that the mother didn't use any kind of anesthetic while pulling her son's teeth.

The mother was unnamed by the Associated Press so the child who was the victim of this incident would not be identified publicly.

[Featured Image by Alan Diaz/AP Images]