‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Drops Profanity-Laced Rant At Troll Who Poked Fun At David Eason’s Vitiligo

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans wasn’t having any of it when an Instagram user decided to make some below-the-belt comments about fiancee David Eason’s vitiligo.

According to a new report from US Magazine, the 25-year-old Evans shared a photo on Instagram, showing her fiancee and their 5-month-old daughter, Ensley, having a tender moment together. As seen on the photo below, Eason’s left hand clearly shows the trademark signs of vitiligo, though that wasn’t what Jenelle wanted to focus on, as the photo simply showed David and their daughter napping on the couch, with the caption “#DadMode gets ya tired sometimes.”

Unfortunately, David Eason’s vitiligo was the first thing an Instagram user noticed when they commented on the photo posted by the Teen Mom 2 star. That sent Jenelle Evans on an angry rant, where she called out the user for suggesting that her fiancee may have AIDS due to the unusual appearance of his left hand.

“It’s called vitiligo you f**king idiot. It’s a loss of pigment in your skin. People are models these days for it. You need to research STDs if you don’t know wtf AIDS does to you…. and def don’t do that s**t to your skin like that. Maybe you’re the one with AIDS and don’t even know cuz your [sic] as dumb as a box of rocks my friend.”


The post was followed up with more sympathetic comments, including a few from Instagram users who claim to suffer from vitiligo themselves.

“I have it too. Why are people so crazy. I also call it spotty dotty lol”

The Mayo Clinic defines vitiligo as a non-life-threatening, non-contagious condition where sufferers lose their skin color in blotches, when cells that produce melanin either die or lose their function. However, since the loss of skin pigmentation could affect different parts of the body, the Mayo Clinic also noted that it could be a “stressful” condition that could make people have a negative self-image.

As noted by Bustle, fans of Teen Mom 2 may have noticed Jenelle Evans’ fiancee David Eason’s vitiligo in several episodes, including one where his hands were exposed as he was sending a text message.


Despite the above article from Bustle mainly focusing on some alleged “dicey” details about her fiancee’s past, everything appears to be looking up for one of the mainstays of Teen Mom 2. US Weekly noted that Jenelle Evans and David Eason announced their engagement in February, a little less than three weeks after their baby daughter as born. A previous Inquisitr report also suggests that Jenelle has been very happy with how David has been caring for Ensley, as well as his daughter from a previous relationship, having expressed those thoughts in a Father’s Day post last week.

[Featured Image by John Parra/Getty Images for GBK Productions]