French Lifestyle Blogger Rebecca Burger Dies From Exploding Whipped Cream Dispenser

Popular French blogger Rebecca Burger died from a freak accident. The fitness model and lifestyle blogger died from an exploding whipped cream dispenser, according to her family. Relatives of Rebecca Burger broke the news to her followers in a haunting Instagram post on Wednesday, June 21. They even posted a photo of the very whipped cream dispenser that killed the beautiful model.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Rebecca,” the family said in their Instagram post.

Rebecca Burger sadly passed away on Sunday. In another post, her family said that a pressurized whipped cream canister exploded and hit the 33-year-old fitness blogger in the thorax, sending her into cardiac arrest. The family warned her followers not to purchase the faulty canister.

“Do not use this style of utensil! Tens of thousands of defective devices are still in circulation,” they warned her followers.

According to 60 Million Consumers Magazine, Rebecca Burger was hit in the chest by the exploding dispenser, and that’s what led to her heart attack and sudden death. Burger clearly was in great shape and perfect health. She shared her healthy lifestyle on her blog and her social media accounts. Burger’s death proves that even freak accidents and unexpected deaths can happen to anyone.

It also proves that canisters are dangerous to use. There reportedly have been dozens of accidents, but this was the first reported death. The manufacturer of the kitchen product, Ard’time, told the New York Daily News that the product has not been for sale since the “first incident implicating a siphon” back in February of 2013. There hasn’t been a reported recall for this particular canister. The product was only taken off the market, and the remaining canisters were destroyed.

The company claims in a statement that efforts have been made to warn consumers about the dangers of these products. The company does not take full responsibility for the tragic accidents. Ard’time said that similar products from other brands have also caused accidents over the years.

“Unfortunately, there are still lots of siphons of all brands that remain potentially dangerous as time passes,” the company said.

Rebecca Burger was a fitness model who had over 150,000 followers on Instagram. She often shared photos of herself wearing swimwear and workout gear. She also shared photos of her makeup, hairstyles, and healthy meals. In another haunting Instagram post, Burger reflected on the opportunities that blogging has given her.

“A beautiful day has come to an end,” Burger wrote. “A lot of trips coming, and new projects. I realized I should sit still right now and reflect on everything I’ve already accomplished and what I’m about to experience. I tell myself, life is good. We don’t have any control over time so make the absolute most of it.”

In addition to blogging, Rebecca modeled for health and fitness retailer Women’s Best. She was also reported to have participated in worldwide fitness competitions, according to NBC News. Burger recently placed in ninth the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.

[Featured Image by Rebecca Burger/Instagram]