Romney Approval Rating Now At 47%

Mitt Romney just can’t shake the 47%. The former presidential candidate’s infamous comment plagued him throughout the election, and, now, in an ironic twist, Romney’s approval rating stands at 47%.

A new poll conducted by Politico and George Washington University found that 47% of likely voters viewed Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan favorably. It’s unclear why Politico is still asking the question. The information isn’t really useful anymore, but at least the poll got some humorous results.

In other, less funny poll results, Politico found that only 36% of likely voters knew who Marco Rubio was, and 34% said that they disapproved of House Speaker John Boehner. Jeb Bush, whose name has been thrown around for the 2016 ticket, was viewed unfavorably by 34% of likely voters.

Romney’s 47% comment was a major turning point in the election. For many people, the comment, which was made behind closed doors to a group of potential donors, solidified the image that Romney was part of the 1% and was out of touch with middle America.

Yale University recently named the comment its Quote Of The Year, saying that it “may have effected the outcome of the election.”

The comment plagued Romney during the 2012 election and has haunted him ever since. Not only is Romney’s approval rating at 47% and not only has the comment been named the quote of the year, but Romney also gathered 47% of the popular vote during the election.

Do you think the number 47 is cursed? Will Romney be haunted by the number for the rest of his life?