Man Steals Same Car Twice In Four Days

Authorities in California arrested Robert Ponti last Tuesday for stealing a 2005 Bentley Coupe. Then, a few days later, they arrested him for stealing the same car again. Yes, Robert Ponti allegedly stole the same car twice in four days.

According to the LA Times, police noticed the Bentley sitting outside of a home in Jurupa Valley. The cops decided to run a registration check and found that the car was stolen. They then waited outside of the residence and saw Ponti, 46, and Johnny Villarreal, 37, get into the car. The two men were arrested and the car was brought to a tow yard.

Four days later the police found the car sitting outside of the same residence in Jurupa Valley. According to police, Ponti went to the toy yard shortly after his arrest and stole the car again. Needless to say, when you steal the same car twice you’re usually arrested twice as well.

ABC News reports that police have charged Ponti with possession of stolen property, forgery, perjury and, of course, committing a felony while out on bail. The car was brought back to the tow yard.

Why do you think Ponti tried to steal the same car twice? Does he really want a 2005 Bentley Coupe? Did he decide to steal the cop as some sort of protest against his first arrest? Or maybe, is Ponti having a hard time registering the car’s title in his name after winning it in some some backroom card game … ?