Did Obama Reveal The Sex Of Beyonce’s Twins In A Quip About Counting Daughters?

The lid couldn’t be tighter when it comes to the gender of Beyonce and Jay Z’s twins, or at least that was the case until Barack Obama offered up a hint. As of this weekend, many believe Beyonce’s twins have already arrived and they also suggest the celebrity couple is keeping the double birth under wraps until they are ready to face the masses. While everyone wants to know if Beyonce and Jay Z will have two sons, two daughters, or one of each, no one is privy to that information yet, or are they?

According to AOL News, the former president of the United States may have spilled the beans on Thursday night when he was seen in a video that was played in honor of Jay Z at the Songwriter’s Hall or Fame. The video was described as a “heartwarming” message to Jay Z, who was one of the latest inductees into that hall of fame.

In Obama’s typical fashion, he got a few quips into his speech regarding Jay Z, and he got some laughs from the crowd during his spiel. It was when Obama started comparing himself to the soon-to-be dad of three that he struck a cord that was picked up by the social media almost immediately.

Talking about the similarities between Jay Z and Obama as two dads, Barack said, “Jay and I are fools for our daughters. Although, he’s going to have to beat me once those twins show up.” A quick round of deductive reasoning was applied across the masses and folks on the social media sites did the math. The tweets and posts questioned if Obama just revealed Beyonce was giving birth to two daughters. You can see and hear Obama’s videoed speech in the tweet below.

The only way Jay Z is going to “beat” Obama in the daughter department is if Beyonce is about to give birth — or has given birth — to two daughters. The tweets below are just a couple of the many social media posts that are pointing this out today.

Obama shared a few things that life has handed him and Jay Z that were very similar, like both the former president and music world mogul growing up without a father in their lives. Obama included his own accomplishments in this speech, again making the comparison between the two, reports Blasting News.

Obama also said that they were awarded opportunities in their careers that have given both men the inspiration to “blaze the trail” for those who will come up behind them. While the speech was heartfelt, it was the hint dropped by Obama on the gender of Jay Z and Beyonce’s twins that caught the ear of the masses.

When Beyonce first announced her pregnancy, her father Matthew Knowles told the media just how thrilled he was with the news, as reported by the Huffington Post several months back. There was one line that Knowles offered up that also set the online world on fire because they believed he had just revealed the gender of Beyonce’s twins.

Blue Ivy arrives at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Blue Ivy arrives at the MTV Video Music Awards in, 2016. [Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]

Her dad said that he was thrilled that Blue Ivy would have “brothers and sisters” and that was it — this seemed to be the code for Beyonce is having a boy and a girl, as far as the social media site buzz was concerned. Although Obama’s slip seems to be a bit more descriptive than Beyonce’s father’s blurb months ago, you won’t really know until Beyonce and Jay Z announce the birth of their twins to the world.

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