Kylie Jenner Worried About Travis Scott Cheating After Tyga ‘KUWTK’ Affairs?

Is Kylie Jenner concerned that Travis Scott will eventually cheat on her like Tyga allegedly did?

Multiple reports reveal that Kylie Jenner and her beau of two months have gotten extremely close in recent weeks, with the socialite having already been introduced to the rapper’s parents — it’s a clear sign that the romance is getting serious.

With that said, however, Kylie Jenner has reportedly though about the chances of being cheated on by Travis. One of the reasons it came to mind was because she’s experienced it in the past with ex-boyfriend Tyga, according to Us Weekly.

The supposed reason why Tyga and Kylie Jenner went their separate ways was simply that of the “Faded” hitmaker’s decision to step out of the relationship and allegedly hook up with other women behind the reality star’s back.

Tyga strongly denied ever cheating on his ex-girlfriend, but it seemed that there had been enough evidence to stress otherwise, which subsequently led to Kylie Jenner pulling the plug and moving on with her life, finding herself a new boyfriend in just two weeks after splitting with the father of one.

And while the move to date Travis was rather sudden, Kylie Jenner shares an extremely close bond with her man, Dr. Lillian Glass, a body language expert, tells Hollywood Life, who reveals that though the 19-year-old has feared the chances of being mistreated, she and Travis trust one another.

With Travis being on the road most of the year, Kylie Jenner could easily think that the 25-year-old is cheating with other women, but she doesn’t feel paranoid like she did with Tyga because she’s noted how Scott has treated her since they first started dating.

He adores everything about Kylie Jenner and certainly wouldn’t want to mess it up for himself.


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“She trusts him as she falls back and allows him to told her,” the insider shares. “He’s got the small of her back, which literally means he has her back.”

Kylie Jenner worrying about being cheated on is not something she wants to be caught up in right now, especially with all the work she’s put on her shoulders.

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From expanding her cosmetic line to starring in her spin-off reality show titled Life of Kylie, which premieres on the E! network in July, Jenner is convinced that her romance with Travis Scott will last a lifetime, and though fans will judge her for making such comments so early on, she knows that there’s something special between her and Travis.

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