Travis Scott Ridicules Tyga Over Pathetic Kylie Jenner Diss Track: Feud Erupts Between Rappers?

Travis Scott isn’t happy with Tyga’s recent attempt to diss Kylie Jenner on a yet-to-be-released song from his forthcoming album, it’s been alleged.

Tyga reportedly had a friend record him as he rapped over an instrumental beat in the studio — the footage was later posted online and it didn’t take long for fans to comprehend that the person the 27-year-old is talking about seems to be Kylie.

“F**k her like there’s ten of me/ I got a dope boy’s tenacity/ Cocky like I got ten keys, a million racks in me/ Uh, super freak in my passenger / If I hang up, she call right back to me,” the father of King Cairo is heard rapping, according to Heavy, strongly implying references to his ex-girlfriend.

It seems that Travis Scott was far from impressed with the lyrical content his girlfriend’s former lover was able to come up with. The supposed fact that the “Rack City” star would take aim at Jenner in a form of a diss song is pathetic in itself, a source tells Hollywood Life.

Travis Scott couldn’t care less about the song, but he thinks it’s not only garbage, he also wishes that Kylie’s ex-boyfriend would simply move on with his life and not use their split as a way to attract more attention to himself by writing bad songs about the socialite.

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Travis Scott has been seeing the TV star for several weeks now, and from what sources have said, their relationship couldn’t be going better. But, of course, when things like Tyga’s diss tracks are surfacing online, it’s sure to bother the couple in some sort of way because it shows that the “Faded” star hasn’t moved on like Kylie has.

Hollywood Life shares that Travis Scott finds Jenner’s former flame to be rather embarrassing, and his rapping skills are anything but credible.

“Travis thinks Tyga’s diss track is just pathetic,” the insider shares. “He thinks it shows how desperate and butt sore he is. Travis actually loves that Tyga’s hurting over Kylie [Jenner], and that she’s HIS woman now. It’s pretty pitiful that her ex isn’t able to just let it go. The best man won, and Tyga needs to man up, accept that, and move on.”

Despite having laughed about the track when she heard it, Kylie was annoyed by the lies that Tyga raps about in the song, because ever since she’s been with Travis Scott, she hasn’t reached out to her former beau.

Travis Scott is said to be treating the 19-year-old better than her ex-boyfriend, so Kylie is confused as to why he would make up lies and pretend as if she still wants him back, because if he hasn’t gotten the memo, she doesn’t.

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“She thinks he’s out of his mind because every time they break up, including this last time, he’s the one who’s always blowing her up, texting and emailing her and blowing up her DMs,” the insider added, stressing that the lyrics were laughable to the social media star.

Travis Scott is taking things slow with his romance to Kylie Jenner. Neither of the two are rushing into anything because what’s most important for Travis Scott is to make sure that the duo can actually be together and that their bond is genuine.

Travis Scott isn’t like Tyga, the source adds. Kylie respects how her man doesn’t hog the limelight and use her to market himself for more success and attention — Travis Scott is very private with his business and Jenner loves that about him.

If it wasn’t already clear, however, Travis Scott and Kylie are the real deal. The lip kit fanatic has no plans to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend, that’s for sure.

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