Katt Williams Arrested Again

Katt Williams has been arrested again.

The comedian has had numerous run-ins with the police this month and last night he was arrested again by the Yolo County police department in California.

According to MTV, Williams was pulled over at a gas station in Dunnigan, California. An arrest warrant had been issued for Williams the day prior for a reckless driving incident back in November.

Williams announced last week that he was retiring from comedy but quickly recanted his statement. Williams may not be retired yet but his recent string of arrests have made it hard for him to perform. The comedian had to cancel his show on Friday night.

The venue said in a statement:”Due to circumstances beyond our control, Katt Williams, scheduled for Friday December 7th, has been canceled.”

KCRA reports that in addition to his most recent arrest, Williams also faces charges for allegedly assaulting a target employee. He is scheduled to appear in court this January to address the charges.

Williams plans to fight the charges and also said that he will be suing the city of Seattle for defaming his character. Williams reputation definitely took a hit after his visit to Seattle but it really isn’t the city’s fault. After all, Williams was allegedly involved in a bar fight, a police chase, an electric scooter chase and he was evicted from a hotel.