Katt Williams: Arrest Warrant Issued By Sacramento DA

Sacramento, CA – Katt Williams may be a comedian but the police and the Sacramento District Attorney’s office are not laughing. According to NBC, the Sacramento DA office has issued an arrest warrant for comedian Katt Williams in connection with a police car chase in downtown Sacramento last month. The Katt Williams arrest warrant is for felony driving in a reckless manner, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Katt Williams arrest warrant is probably a long time coming. The saga all started when the comedian lost his cool with a heckler. His life could be compared to a little snowball which started rolling down the hill, picking up speed as he tore off his clothes in public, initiated fights with audiences, pulled guns on actors, and started night club brawls for which he was briefly arrested. By this time Katt William’s life has become an avalanche that threatens anyone in his way.

The California Highway Patrol said officers asked Katt Williams to leave the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Sacramento on November 25 after spotting him riding a three-wheeled motorcycle on a sidewalk. Officers said Williams yelled he wasn’t going to stop and took off.

The pursuit on K Street had Katt Williams leading police officers on a merry chase while weaving through pedestrians. Police officers eventually called off the chase, fearing for public safety. During the chase, Williams nearly hit five people, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Katt Williams then ended up at a Target retail store where he had an argument, slapped the Target employee, and escaped on an electric cart. The most unfortunate part was that the Target employee apparently was fired for the incident.

Besides the arrest warrant the most recent Katt Williams update had the comedian first saying he was retiring after getting kicked out of his hotel, then he suddenly decided to unretire. If the Sacramento DA and the police have anything to do with Katt William’s career plans I’m sure we’ll be hearing of his “retiring” to a jail cell pretty soon. How’s that for a record for the shortest retirement comeback tour?

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