Government Is Suppressing Alien 'Free Energy' Technology To Protect Fossil Fuel Industry, UFO Researcher Says

JohnThomas Didymus

A UFO researcher has claimed that the U.S. government is covering up information about the existence of aliens because it wants to protect the fossil fuel industry from collapsing due to an alleged advanced energy technology that aliens want to introduce to mankind.

According to UFO researcher Dr. Steven Greer, in a recent interview with the website Uinterview, a super-secret "deep state" cabal embedded within the bureaucracies of the world's top technologically advanced nations, including the U.S., is aware of the existence of a revolutionary alien technology, often referred to as "free energy" technology in conspiracy theory circles. Free energy technology is able to provide the world's energy needs at a negligible cost, according to conspiracy theorists.

However, a global "deep state" cabal that controls the leaders and governments of the advanced technological nations from behind the scenes is purposefully suppressing information about the alleged free energy technology because it wants to allow fossil fuel companies to continue reaping profits until the world's reserves of crude oil are depleted.

Greer, a former emergency room doctor who left his medical profession to become a major player in the UFO and alien disclosure movement, claims that one of the major reasons why world governments, under the direction of the alleged global "deep state" cabal, have placed an "embargo" on information about aliens and UFOs is to protect the fossil fuel industry, which fears that alien contact could jeopardize its profit-making. Although world leaders and fossil fuel industry leaders understand that free energy technology is the future, they are trying to suppress information about the exotic and revolutionary technology because they want to continue making profits from the world's crude oil reserves.

However, Greer and his colleagues in the UFO disclosure movement are fighting to get the alleged "truth embargo" on alien and UFOs lifted so that the world can have access to free energy technology. According to believers, free energy technology is able to solve humanity's economic problems and eradicate global poverty once and for all.

"If along with the disclosure of intelligent life, you're going to have the most disruptive technology in all of history come out… this becomes a big macro-economic issue and that is what the secrecy is partially rooted in," Greer told Uinterveiw.

The alleged cabal will silence anyone who tries to uncover the closely guarded secret of "free energy" technology. World leaders are committed to protecting the fossil fuel industry because it cannot compete in a free market with advanced alien free energy technology. The alleged free energy technology, according to conspiracy theorists, is able to provide a practically limitless supply of energy at negligible cost. The availability of free energy technology will force the entire fossil fuel industry to collapse, with all the trillions invested in infrastructure against future oil and gas production.

Free energy conspiracy theorists have offered multiple alternative proposals about how the alleged alien technology works. But the most popular suggestion is that it is able to tap energy directly at negligible cost from the zero point or ground stage energy of quantum mechanical systems, including space vacuum.

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