Alexandria Shooter’s Name Known, Gunman In Hospital: May Have Asked, ‘Are You Guys Republicans Or Democrats?’

In the wake of a shooting at a congressional baseball team practice at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, information about the male shooter is being highly sought after by people on social media interested in if the shooting outside the nation’s capital was politically motivated. According to CNN, police believe they do know the name of the shooter in Alexandria, however, as of this writing, police have not released the name of the male shooter, who witnesses have described as a heavy-set white male with dark hair.

The news network notes that police want the opportunity to research the Alexandria’s shooter’s residence and other information before the public pounces on such matters. The Alexandria Police have been updating the public about the latest information related to the shooting.

Rep. Dave Brat was interviewed by CNN and said that he heard the alleged shooter may have asked whether the group of people at the baseball fields were Republicans or Democrats prior to the shooting. However, CNN was quick to correct Brat, saying that the rumors floating around social media have not been confirmed as for whether it came from the actual shooter or if some other random person asked that question about political affiliations.

Varying Fire Power From Capitol Police Guns Versus Bullets From Shooter’s M1 Rifle 30 Caliber Weapon, Which Gave A Staccato Type Of Fire Before Shooter Reloaded

Marty LaVor called the shooting surreal, telling CNN that he has been watching and photographing those practice games for 30 years and never expected such a shooting. LaVor said that his life was saved when someone told him to get down, a command that saved his life because he saw bullet holes in a nearby cinder block. Marty thanked the Capitol Police for saving lives.

Anywhere from 20 to 30 rounds could have been fired from the Virginia shooter’s weapon. Art Roderick, a law enforcement analyst, said that he heard the shooter had an M1 rifle, as he sat in a white van and opened fired on his victims.

As seen in the top photo above, U.S. Rep. Roger Williams of Texas was taken away by EMTS in Alexandria, Virginia.

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