Congressman Steve Scalise And Others Shot At Baseball Field In Alexandria, VA

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On Wednesday morning, Rep. Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip, was shot at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia. The gunman reportedly fired approximately 50 shots that left at least five people injured. Law enforcement has identified the gunman as 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson from Bellville, Ill., which is located in St. Louis.

Witnesses say, Steve Scalise, a very accomplished member of the Republican Party and the third-ranked member of the House, was shot in the hip while standing at second base and had to drag himself to the dugout. The gunman reportedly used a semi-automatic rifle.

“All the people on the field scattered,” Rep. Mo Brooks (Alabama), who witnessed the shooting, explained to CNN.

Police officers at the scene were injured by Hodgkinson as well; two of them were from Capitol Hill. The gunman was reportedly wounded after an eventual gunfight with police officials. He then was arrested and taken into custody by Alexandria Fire officials. The weapon was identified as an M4 assault rifle that is designed for light mobility and carries a lot of ammunition.

Congressman Scalise shot and wounded
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The shooting occurred while Scalise and others were practicing for a baseball game between Republicans and Democrats that will be held on Thursday, June 15. The game between the two parties is a tradition that allows them to come together in peace.

Steve Scalise took office as the House Majority Whip back in August of 2014. He is a well-liked member of the Republican party. The news has many members showing their support on the morning of the incident.

President Donald Trump released a statement expressing the support from the staff after being informed of the shooting. Congressman Brad Wenstrup, who was at the scene, was the first to aid his friend Scalise after he was shot.

Congressman Steve Scalise gets shot
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