Man Charged With Murder Of Toddler, Mark Harold Hagler Allegedly Tortured Konner Flowers

Mark Harold Hagler has been arrested in Lee County. The Phenix City resident is accused of torturing and killing 15-month-old Konner Flowers. The child’s mother, Keri Teaster, has come forward to discuss the tragic and horrifying crime.

On June 3, first responders were dispatched to a home located in the Huntington Hills subdivision in Phenix City. A 15-month-old boy was unresponsive and was transported to Midtown Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. According to, a preliminary autopsy revealed the child died from blunt force trauma to the abdomen. It was ruled a homicide and investigators arrested 48-year-old Mark Hagler. The charges include felony murder and torture and willful abuse of a child.

That same morning, Konner Flowers’ mother, Keri Teaster, received an alarming phone call. She explained to WTVM that was told to go to Midtown Medical Center. Instead of going to the hospital, she headed to her grandmother’s house, where Konner was living. That is when she was told that her little boy was dead. At the time of the murder, Konner was spending the night with a babysitter.

“I was just frantic and was wondering why I didn’t go there. I went to my grandma’s house where my son lives and that’s where my aunt told me my son was dead.”

Konner’s father, Corey Flowers, said all they knew was that the child was hurt while at the babysitter’s house. However, that is all the information they had at first. Corey said that they never suspected anything bad about the babysitter. In fact, a lot of people recommended the individual.

Teaster said she spent the day with Konner the day before the murder. She recalls him being healthy and happy. He didn’t have a mark on him, but the next day, investigators would find the boy in a very different condition.

“Just as happy as can be he didn’t have a mark on him, the investigators told me when they got there around 4:35 in the morning they said he had bruises all over him.”

On Thursday, the parents found out that Mark Harold Hagler had been arrested. He is currently in the Lee County Detention Facility, and his bond is $165,000.

“I want the man dead, like dead, I don’t want him just in prison, or just in jail, I want the man dead.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Konner Flowers‘ family pay for funeral expenses.

“Our precious 15-month-old, Konner, was tragically taken from us on June 3, 2017. He was a son, a grandson, a great great grandson, a nephew, a cousin, and a joy to those who loved him. No one is ever prepared to bury their child. We are trying to raise money to give Konner the proper burial that any life deserves. If you can not donate, please keep our family in your prayers, and pray for justice for Konner.”

On Saturday, an update was written about Konner’s funeral on the GoFundMe page.

“Today was a sad day for our family as our little Konner was laid to rest. The sadness, hurt and anger that we all feel was very evident today. Please, everyone, keep praying for our family. Pray that justice will be served for all involved. We never know what tomorrow will bring so hold your loved ones tight, love one another and live for each other. Make the memories good ones because one day that is all we will have left. Thank you all for your generosity of donations and prayers.”

So far, $1,815 out of a $10,000 goal has been donated to help pay for the toddler’s burial expenses.

[Featured Image by Lee County Detention Facility]