Are ‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Dennis And Thomas Ravenel Finally Doing What They Can To Co-Parent?

Well, well, well, after tonight’s episode of Southern Charm, fans finally saw that there was a time after Kathryn Dennis returned from rehab that she and Thomas Ravenel were able to be in the same room without a blowout hitting the entire Southern Charm cast. The prime event of tonight’s episode was the first birthday party for Kathryn and Thomas’ son Saint which was attended by almost everyone on Southern Charm, with only Whitney and Landon sending their regrets. Whitney was supposedly out of town, and it seemed like Landon wished she was, as she still has no interest in seeing Kathryn.

But tonight, even Naomie said that it was best that Landon didn’t come to Saint’s party, considering that Thomas and Landon were at least putting it out there that they were perhaps going to date. On last week’s Southern Charm, Thomas and Landon went on a seriously awkward date and this week Thomas seemed to read Landon’s mind, and on Patricia’s urging, showed up at Landon’s house to take a walk with Landon and her cute little dog Charlotte. Naomie let it slip that Thomas professed his love for Landon, and it looks like the rest of the Southern Charm cast are getting sucked into whether or not Thomas and Landon lied at the Southern Charm season three reunion saying that they did not hook up last year in London or during Kathryn’s Valentine’s Day trip to a Savannah bed and breakfast. And if tonight’s episode is any indication, it won’t be Kathryn asking this question, but Cameran.


So after a weekend where various media outlets suggested that Thomas Ravenel was demanding that the judge in their custody case lock Kathryn Dennis up, imagine everyone’s surprise when Thomas and Kathryn were photographed having lunch together at JD’s Gentry Bar and Room, having fried chicken together. Kathryn shared the photo on her Twitter page. Kathryn teased the lunch date saying that it was the best fried chicken she had ever had as if anyone was wondering what the two ate for lunch.

Fans who are on the side of Kensie and Saint are hopeful that Kathryn and Thomas have finally found a way to peacefully co-parent and put the media war and he said she said situation out of the media. Realitytea said that this is giving everyone hope that this is the start of something new.

“Let’s hope this is a sign of peaceful co-parenting on the horizon! It’s been such a tumultuous situation between the two of them that it’d be wonderful to see it put to rest for the kids’ sake and for their own sanity!”


But while Patricia is still angling to make Landon the new Mrs. Ravenel, she found it hard to hide her glee that Kathryn was only able to come to Saint’s birthday party as a guest as opposed to a host. It’s a given that even if Thomas and Kathryn have found a way to bury the hatchet, Kathryn and Landon never will.


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But this weekend, a number of gossip sites got things very wrong saying that Thomas Ravenel was demanding that the judge in their custody case lock up Kathryn Dennis for spreading rumors about him. It hit various outlets that just Friday, Thomas had rushed to file new papers in their custody case. But considering that Thomas and Kathryn sat down to a nice lunch at Gentry today, it seems unlikely that the two were simply taking a break from a new court throw down.

What do you think is going on in the custody case between the former Southern Charm couple?

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