Islamic State Media Warned London Terror Attack Was Coming

Vessel News and Breitbart report that Islamic State warned in advance that a terror attack in Britain was coming.

“The latest issue of the Islamic State’s weekly newspaper al-Naba released two days ago warned that another terrorist attack in Britain was ‘definitely coming.'”

The al-Naba newsletter is posted and distributed online via ISIS mediums (Telegram and social media) in addition to being distributed within ISIS territory.

The article in the 16-page color newsletter made reference to a specific terrorist active in Manchester who would carry out a terror attack that was “inevitable, God willing.”

Six people were killed when terrorists drove a white van into pedestrians on London Bridge. After the van had killed the revelers, terrorists leaped out and started stabbing bystanders.

Forty-eight people were injured and six killed. Three terrorists were quickly shot dead by cops.

President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence spoke out saying “we are with you.” Trump promised that the U.S. will provide the support London needs. The president also renewed calls for a travel ban to protect citizens in America and perhaps Britain.

Trump has come under fire for his anti-immigration stance and promises to put America first.

CNN anchor Reza Aslan has already come forward calling the president a “piece of s***” for demanding a travel ban, reports Daily Mail.

Witnesses reported a vehicle veering off the road and hitting several pedestrians. [Image by Matt Dunham/AP Images]

Many were shocked to see that Aslan did not send any words of support to the victims of the attacks, he only sent those words of abuse to Trump. The liberal anchor came under fire for what many saw as his badly misplaced priorities.

Many libertarians and right-leaning commentators and bloggers have argued that the state is no longer fulfilling its obligation to protect citizens, allowing waves of immigrants, actively covering up the details of terror attacks, and indoctrinating citizens in anti-Western values with the help of cash-hungry universities who promote the ideas of postmodernist thinkers like Foucault and foster a rampant SJW culture.

They are not fulfilling what Hobbes believed should be their only function (the provision of security), but governments are eager to meddle in the lives of citizens in every other imaginable way (stifling innovation through over-regulation, dictating protocol on personal choices in health, fitness, and lifestyle, taking away hard-won private property through taxation, restricting free speech etc.), according to some libertarians.

Following the London Bridge attack, libertarian Youtuber Stefan Molyneux urged listeners to wake up and realize that their governments are not interested in serving them anymore.

“It’s time to wake up. Your governments seem to be no longer in the business of protecting you. They are in the business of appeasing groups. They are in the business of buying votes with your tax money. They are in the business of covering up crimes.”

Contemporary social contract theorists of a “citizenist” persuasion like Steve Salier have joined Molyneux in arguing that the U.S. government is not fulfilling its primary obligation to its current citizens (providing protection) by allowing so much unrestricted immigration, reports Open Borders.

“Sailer is a US-centric citizenist, but citizenists around the world could point to comparable statements in appropriate parts of their nation’s founding documents that affirm something to the effect of the following social contract: The people vest authority in the government [and] In return, the government promises to put the interests of the people above its own, i.e., instead of politicians working for their private benefit, they work to serve the citizenry who have vested trust in them.”

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Mirror reports that there are calls to suspend the general election in Britain amid present security concerns.

Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that the London Bridge attack and a related attack at Borough Market are being treated as terrorist attacks.

One Twitter user wrote, “If this is another terror attack, we MUST suspend this election. All our focus HAS to be on our security right now.”

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