‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 93 Review, 94 Preview: U6 Debuts LGBT LSSJ-SSJ2 Couple As Frieza Joins U7 Team

Dragon Ball Super might not feature the most logical power level progressions among its characters, but it sure knows how to satisfy longtime fans of the franchise. In the recently-aired DBS Episode 93, Kale became the Legendary Super Saiyan, Caulifla reached Super Saiyan 2, and Frieza finally joined the Universe 7 representative team, though he did so under one risky condition. Overall, Episode 93 gave fans a lot of firsts, including the first seemingly lesbian relationship in the franchise and even a possible redemption arc for Frieza.

The recently aired episode centered on two important plot points for the Tournament of Power, with one being Frieza’s recruitment and the other being the build up to the role Universe 6’s female Saiyans would play in the Tournament of Power, according to noted DBS fan translator Herms98. Both of these plot points have already been teased in the anime over the past few weeks, and for all intents and purposes, Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 delivered in spades. During the course of the episode, the anime revealed why Frieza would join the U7 representative team and why Universe 6’s female Saiyans would be a force to be reckoned with in the Tournament of Power.

Among U6’s Saiyans, Cabba became the first who was able to transform into an SSJ form, thanks in no small part to Vegeta, who battled and dominated the young warrior during the Champa arc. As DBS Episode 93 revealed, however, Cabba might be the first of the warrior race to unlock his potential, but he certainly was not the strongest. After much prodding, the introverted Kale ended up becoming a Legendary Super Saiyan and Caulifla, who transformed into SSJ1 last week, powered up to SSJ2. Thus, in the course of just a couple of episodes, Cabba became outclassed by both his new recruits.


What was notable about the U6 scenes in Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 was the interaction between the two female Saiyans. While Kale was practically trying to destroy Cabba, it was revealed that only Caulifla could really calm her down. This was because Kale only had eyes for Caulifla, and therefore only cared about her. Being her protégé, Kale’s dedication for Caulifla was understandable. However, many fans in online forums such as Reddit have noted that DBS Episode 93 seemed to indicate that Caulifla and Kale had a relationship — one that went far beyond regular friendship.

While the premise of a lesbian couple in Dragon Ball Super was definitely new, the manner that Toei Animation handled Kale’s segment in the recently-released episode justified the hype revolving around the highly anticipated character. Kale’s appearance as a female LSSJ was brief, but it was enough to convince the DBS fanbase that the female Saiyan was indeed connected to Broly, especially after she uttered several phrases that were iconic of the popular bulky warrior and attacked Cabba with a ki blast that was taken directly from the first Legendary Super Saiyan’s repertoire of techniques.

Universe 6’s segment was incredibly satisfying, especially since Dragon Ball Super just dropped an LGBT nod to the anime. Goku and Frieza’s segment, however, featured a lot less action but still managed to be just as intense. The meeting of the two powerhouses had already been leaked in previous episode summaries, but DBS Episode 93 managed to reveal exactly what Frieza’s terms are before he agreed to join as a fighter in Universe 7’s representative team. As stated in the episode, the villain wanted to be resurrected after the Tournament of Power, which would definitely make things interesting after the multiverse battle royale is over.


Numerous fans have noted that in a lot of ways, Frieza’s condition makes little sense. After all, the Tournament of Power might very well debut yet another form for Goku and Vegeta. Thus, the villain could easily be sent back to hell if he decides to wreak havoc once more. Considering Dragon Ball Super’s tendency to be liberal with its plot, however, and the fact that Frieza had already been featured numerous times on the show, many DBS fans are speculating that the anime might be building up to a possible redemption arc for the notorious villain. While this might be a notable surprise for many, a face change is nothing new to the long-running anime franchise, as seen in characters such as Majin Buu and Vegeta.

The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 teased several interesting scenes, including Goku and Frieza seemingly training together. Apart from this, the NEP for DBS Ep. 94 also featured what appears to be a plot to destroy Frieza and sabotage Universe 7’s chances in the Tournament of Power, courtesy of the Gods of Destruction from Universes 9 and 4. As revealed in the preview and Episode 94 leaks, Sidra and Quitela would be plotting to assassinate the villain before be could join the rest of the U7 fighters.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. JST and could be viewed in the West though anime streaming services such as Daisuki, AnimeLab, FunimationNow, Crunchyroll, and VRV.

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