‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 94: Sidra Tries To Destroy Frieza As Trunks/Goten Sit In For Android 17

While it seemed illogical at first, it appears that Frieza would indeed be the final member of Universe 7’s representative team in the upcoming Tournament of Power. Interestingly, this seems to have been confirmed by the leaked episode details of DBS Episode 94, which teases an upcoming confrontation between Universe 9’s God of Destruction, Sidra, and the vicious Frieza. Needless to say, this revelation has managed to get numerous Dragon Ball Super fans extremely excited.

The episode details, translated by noted DBS fan-translator Herms98, revealed that Dragon Ball Super Episode 94, titled “Evil Emperor’s Resurrection! Mysterious Assassin Awaits?!” would feature the return of Frieza and how he would be targeted by no other than Sidra, the God of Destruction of Universe 9. According to the leaked Jump Preview for the upcoming episode, Sidra, a god with a huge grudge against Universe 7, would attempt to strike first and leave Frieza out of the equation by having the villain assassinated.

“Sidra of Universe 9 folds a grudge against Universe 7. Hearing that Frieza was gonna be one of their members, he plans to defeat him beforehand for an easy win!”

Considering the nature of Sidra’s plan, numerous DBS fans in online forums such as Reddit have noted that the God of Destruction’s scheme is inherently flawed. Apart from being incredibly underhanded, the fact that Sidra would be targeting Frieza, a member of another universe’s representative team, seems like a really unsuitable plan to begin with. After all, other Universe 7 fighters are easier targets, such as Krillin and Tien. Thus, going after Frieza, who is likely only third in power from Goku and Vegeta, seems to make very little sense.

Numerous Dragon Ball Super fans are speculating that the plan to destroy Frieza before he could join the Tournament of Power might be masterminded by Roh, the U9 Kaioshin, since he has proven to be underhanded in the past. While it remains to be seen if Sidra would indeed face Frieza in a one-on-one fight, or if he would simply send an assassin such as Hit to destroy the U7 fighter, the premise of Universe 9 attempting to sabotage Universe 7 is quite impressive. If any, it would definitely make the following DBS episodes incredibly compelling.

The recently translated Jump previews also referenced something very interesting with regards to some U7 fighters who would be left behind on Earth when the Tournament of Power begins. According to the Jump preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 94, Trunks and Goten, who have been left out of the multiverse battle royale, would be heading over to Android 17’s reserve in order to fill in as forest rangers.

“Trunks and Goten look after things while No. 17 is away. The Universe 7 members make final arrangements before the main event. Goku entrusts Goten and Trunks to look after things while No. 17 is away (a condition of No. 17’s participation) and heads to the afterlife to see Frieza?!”

The DBS fanbase has reacted positively to the premise of Goten and Trunks filling in for Android 17 on his job, especially as the two young fighters would need to do something worthwhile in order to remain relevant to the Dragon Ball Super story. The young Saiyans are, after all, among the most powerful characters in the franchise. Thus, their strength would at least come in handy when protecting No. 17’s wildlife reserve.

The details of Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 all but proves that Toei Animation is not pulling any punches when it comes to the twists and turns of its most ambitious saga yet. With U9’s interference and Frieza’s addition to the Universe 7 representative team, as well as Goten and Trunks’ mission, the popular anime would likely get even more intense in the weeks to come.


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