‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 93: Leaks Tease Frieza-Frost Interaction, SSJ2 Caulifla Vs. LSSJ Kale Spar

The preview for Dragon Ball Super has teased a number of interesting plot developments set for Episode 93, with some scenes in the brief NEP teasing an intense meeting between Goku and a notorious villain, as well as a possible match between the two female Saiyans of Universe 6. Apart from this, a recent panel in the Animazement 2017 Convention has just confirmed a significant rumor that has been emerging as of late about Frieza, the possible replacement of Majin Buu for Universe 7’s representative team in the Tournament of Power.

The summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 has already been leaked, with the teaser stating that Goku would be heading over to Hell to persuade Frieza, a villain he has battled multiple times in the past, to participate in the Tournament of Power as the final member of U7’s team. If the preview for DBS Ep 93 is any indication, the hero and villain would indeed be meeting each other in the otherworldly plane, and the two might end up fighting.

The preview for next week’s episode showed Frieza seemingly amused at Goku and his plight. Despite this, however, Goku seemed nonplussed in the NEP, suggesting that the Saiyan would likely be reasonable enough with his proposal to warrant a serious consideration from the villain.

The NEP for DBS Episode 93 also teased that Frieza would be transforming to his Golden form, similar to what he debuted in the Return of F arc. With this, many fans in online forums such as Reddit are speculating that the Saiyan and Frieza would likely be fighting each other in the next episode. Since Frieza is ridiculously formidable in his Golden form, and seeing as the villain has probably been training in Hell, there is a good chance that the villain would be more than a match for Goku’s SSJB form, a transformation that has mostly been nerfed during the past few months.

While it remains to be seen if Frieza would indeed be the final member of the U7 representative team, a recent statement from Ry?sei Nakao, the voice actor for the villain, appears to confirm that Majin Buu would indeed be pushed out of his slot in the upcoming Tournament of Power for Frieza. In a statement during the Animazement 2017 Convention at the Raleigh Convention Center in N.C., Nakao admitted that he had just finished recording a conversation between Frieza and Frost, the villainous fighter from Universe 6.

Considering that Frost is from U6, it definitely appears that Frieza would indeed be the final fighter of the U7 representative team. After all, there would be no other way for the two fighters to meet unless both are in the same tournament. Unsurprisingly, Nakao’s announcement has managed to set the DBS community on fire, with many stating that the interaction between the two characters would be extremely interesting.

The next episode of Dragon Ball Super would not just be about Frieza, however, as the NEP also revealed that Kale, the second female Saiyan in the franchise, would be reaching her LSSJ form this coming week. Apart from this, Caulifla, who has just attained her first Super Saiyan transformation in DBS Episode 92, was also depicted in the NEP with a different hairstyle, seemingly suggesting that the female fighter would be reaching SSJ2.

Considering that the power levels of Kale would be no less than shocking when she does transform into a Legendary Super Saiyan, it would be interesting to see how the other two U6 Saiyans, Cabba and Caulifla, would react. If fans’ speculations prove right, Caulifla would likely meet Kale’s LSSJ form head-on, transforming into an SSJ2 in the process.

From what could be determined by its NEP, Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 would definitely be filled with a lot of plot development. From Frieza to the Universe 6 Saiyans, the next DBS Ep 93 would definitely be one of the series’ most compelling episodes yet.


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