Is the First Lady Getting Fashion Revenge On The American Fashion Designers Who Refused To Dress Her?

On the Trump’s first trip abroad, Melania Trump stunned the world with one designer look after another. Did the FLOTUS get fashion revenge on the American fashion designers who publicly refused to dress her?

Page Six spoke to fashion stylist Phillip Bloch, who claims that the fashion world is now aware of the full impact of Melania Trump, and the spotlight on the designers that she is wearing.

“There is a softening, a melting. Fashion people are fickle and fake. They are starting to see she is a beautiful woman who is married to the president, and it is an honor to dress her.”

Bloch also points out that the First Lady is self-aware and her figure doesn’t require bespoke garments. It doesn’t even sound like she even requires alterations!

“She doesn’t need couture. She can buy off the rack, and it looks beautiful. She knows her size, and she knows what works on her. She luxuriates in minimal.”

Writer Richard Johnson spoke to a source explaining that Melania has things sent to her, and from there, in the comfort of her own home, she tries on the garments and decides which ones she will keep and which go back to the stores. It does not sound like she has face-to-face contact with any particular designer.

“Most days, the lobby is brimming with wardrobe boxes delivered for Melania. Once she tries on the outfits and decides what she will keep, the boxes come back downstairs.”

On her most recent trip, she wore Ralph Lauren, who has dressed Mrs. Trump before. She also wore an absolutely stunning, $51,000 3-D silk floral Dolce & Gabbana jacket, over a simple, form-fitting, white silk D&G dress.

The nine-day trip meant she had several fashion changes, yet the first fashionista often stuck to the Italian D&G and stayed away from matchy-matchy accessories.

Mrs. Trump also wore clothing by staunch Hillary supporter, Michael Kors, on this trip, just as she had at the first joint session of Congress. At that time, the former Project Runway judge publicly explained that the First Lady was a long-time customer. Kors also complimented the FLOTUS on her ability to know what makes her look good.

“She has a keen understanding of what works best for her and her lifestyle. My embroidered black suit reflects the streamlined glamour that she is known for.”

The controversy of who would or would not dress Melania Trump started long before the inauguration.

Just over a week after Donald Trump was elected president, one designer who dressed former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, Sophie Theallet, made a public announcement that she would “not participate in dressing or associating in any way with the new First Lady.” The French-born designer explained that her reasons were because of “The rhetoric of sexism, and xenophobia unleashed by her husband’s presidential campaign are incompatible with the shared values we live by.”

Tom Ford was a bit more diplomatic when he declared that he could have dressed private citizen Melania Trump, but declined. He told USA Today that he was not going to change his mind now that she was the First Lady. He just didn’t think that his clothes fit the role of a FLOTUS. They are very expensive.

“I was asked to dress her quite a few years ago and I declined; she’s not necessarily my image.

Ford went on to explain that “even had Hillary won she shouldn’t be wearing my clothes, they’re too expensive. They’re not artificially expensive, it’s how much it costs to make these things. I think the First Lady has to relate to anybody.”

Even Christian Siriano was unsure whether or not he would design for Melania. It has nothing to do with her in particular, but Donald Trump’s attitude towards gay rights.

“Sadly, it’s really just one of those things that has nothing to do with her, it’s just obviously what she’s representing in what’s happening right now.”

At this time, Melania Trump has not worn anything by Soriano, Ford nor Theallet.

What do you think of Melania Trump’s wardrobe as First Lady? Do you think that the designers who publicly declared that they would not dress her made a mistake, or do you think that they made the right decision? Please share your opinions and theories below!

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]